Home Discussion Forum what exactly is a subliminal message? ?

what exactly is a subliminal message? ?

i tried to google some songs by 2pac and it said that he had subliminal messages in some of his songs? what does this mean?


  1. It means there is something that the person sending that sublimal message wants to tell you something or make you think about something…without actually coming right out and saying it. The goal is so you find yourself thinking about it but can’t figure out where you got the idea in your head in the first place.

  2. A subliminal message is a message that gets passed accross without the person realising it.
    For instance, they used to put tiny shots of advertisements in movies so people would leave the movie wanting to buy this product or at least thinking about it.
    This is now illegal in most places.

  3. A suliminal message is below the threshold of conscious perception. In other words, there were hidden messages in the songs that you would not be consciously aware of, yet would know them deep within your mind….at some point you would recognize their existence, and perhaps take action because of them without realizing where the idea came from in the first place.


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