what exactly is a near death experience?

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what im curious to know about near death experiences is why they are seen as some form of afterlife, if its called a near death experience doesn’t it mean that the individuals brain is still function and heart is still pounding and the individual isn’t clinically dead? i have heard people claiming to have been dead during surgery where their brain has shut down and their heart has stopped pumping blood and were clinically dead yet they could hear the doctors talking and could see the doctors operating on them, where is the logic of doctors operating on an individual who has been declared clinically dead?

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Ollie Barbor

The Brain doesn’t “shut down” if the heart stops pumping.
If gets starved from oxygen and then no longer works.
If your heart stops you are clinically dead. But for a minute or two your brain still works.
if you are receiving resuscitation your brain and organs still get oxygen And will keep you going for longer so the doctors can restart your heart with a defibrillator unit.
And arnold Schwarzenegger was clinically obese. even though he never had a gram of fat on him.
Clinically doesn’t always mean it’s curtain. ;P


It has long been an argument for life after death, but in reality the experience is entirely consistent with the ‘dying brain’ and is easily replicated by experiment (the true test of science as opposed to faith.
My link takes some reading but the conclusions are quite clear:-
“Their findings are entirely consistent with contemporary neuroscience and are in line with the general dying-brain account of Near Death Experiences. As such, this study poses no challenge at all to either psychological or neuroscientific accounts for the Near Death Experience. From this we can see that their claim of the need for a new science of consciousness (which makes provision for some form of dualism) is unfounded and unnecessary. In the absence of strong evidence for survival, it appears that the position of the survivalist is still one based on faith”.
EDIT: The experiment of putting numbers or messages in high places in recovery rooms is well documented and has been carried out for many years, what is not documented at all is that any ‘floating body’ has ever come forward and reported having seen them, I would like to see some sort of evidence for this.


NDE is a very real thing and people have different experiences with it, although many seem to have the same description. Actually, to be pronounced dead, the heart and breathing cease, the brain will still function until the lack of oxygen kills it. People don’t get brain scans done in order to be pronounced dead, to see if there’s any sort of brain activity, it just doesn’t happen that way. Clinical death is loss of heart and respiratory function, not brain. In resuscitation, if you cannot get the heart started back up, they are pronounced dead, but this doesn’t mean the brain is dead yet, as while you’re working on them, you’re supplying oxygen via bagging and circulating blood via compressions, the brain is still being kept alive.
There have been many documented cases where the person who had died and was resuscitated had described what went on during the code as well as what they saw on the other side. We were coding a patient who came back and complained of the inappropriateness of 2 individuals who were assisting in the code, it was spot on, and after speaking to some of us who were coding this person and verifying that it did in fact occur, those 2 people were terminated. There’s a surgeon who had had different patients who’d died on the table come back and tell of their experiences, floating to the ceiling, describing what was going on, etc, well, he decided that he’d put it to a test. He wrote numbers on a sheet of cardboard and placed in, facing up, on top of the cabinets near the ceiling. Nobody else knew about it. He wanted to see if any patients would notice, he was surprised when some did actually ask what the specific numbers meant. There is no way these people could know or see this unless they were pinned up against the ceiling, proving to this surgeon, that these people left their bodies and floated up to the ceiling. That’s pretty compelling if you ask me.
Added: Ron, I’ve tried searching for the surgeon who performed the numbers, however, I have not found it yet, but, here’s a link to some impressive findings and there are also stories of peoples’ experiences… http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research11.html

Chris Q.T.

doctors save lives, if their is any opportunity they would love to find out that way to save that person’s life
afterlife is related to near death experiences because it is real through it’s not really an afterlife, it’s like paradise & memories like paradise light up in your brain lol xD, our brains are really supernatural if you believe it is, it’s beautiful
& your definition is right
it can be simple & it can be never simple depending on the situation & the way you see near death experiences
detailed or the simple beautiful experiece of it Lol which i view it as
for me it lies in the life of another saving my life
or love
or coincidence, life giving me a wake-up call or some other reason
i take things as a lesson
& don’t care if i live or die
i live by chance


What is now called a “near death experience” has had that terminology since the mid 1980’s. Prior to that the experience was known as the “Lazarus effect”. There have been many attempts to explain it by various means, all of which seem determined to ignore one or another aspect of the experience as it is reported in order to explain it away. However, an explanation that needs to ignore some point in order to work is no true explanation. Further, the accounts go back to at least the time of Plato, if not to roughly 2500 BCE.
One example of ignored data/accounts is that hypoxia, or lack of oxygen to the brain, is often cited as the cause. The problem with this is that the symptoms of hypoxia are quite well documented, and the accounts of the near death experiences do not match.
Now as for the logic of doctors working on individuals who have been declared dead becomes, if you are that individual, at what point do you wish the doctors to quit? These are professionals working in an uncertain area where rapid judgments have been known to be incorrect and precise measurements are not probable. That doctors work until absolute certainty is achieved that death has arrived is not a true issue. That the heart has stopped is no longer considered to be clinical death, and brain function is rarely monitored in crisis situations. Further, there have been accounts of people reviving with near death experiences after work on their bodies has ceased.
Finally, for those who argue that “near death” is not “death”, for one thing it is simply a name for a known phenomena, not a clinical definition, and for another thing, just what is death? In regards to this last part, please bear in mind that should Near Death Experiences be true, then the physical death that is often counted as death is clearly not true death.

Tim M

This is when an individual comes close to death but are revived or suddenly return to their body. This is a quite curious occurrence and one that has been shared by numerous individuals. Some of these experiences can defy logic as most that have been documented were of those while under anesthesia but can recount things that occurred while they were supposed to be unconscious. This is also when some have also said to of encountered a bright light and report seeing past loved ones as well as religious figures such as Jesus. Some have also encountered what some would consider a hell or dark visions .What is probably the most compelling aspect to all of this is that so many individuals share the same experiences , even those who say that they had not previously believed in there being an after life or having any religious or spiritual beliefs. Another equally compelling aspect to this is when children convey their near death experiences. They have made similar reports as many of the adults have made and report seeing much of the same things but what is interesting is that some of these children had not been exposed to such notions. That they were not completely aware of any afterlife or were not aware of such spiritual beings or religious figures in existence. I would recommend doing a little more research on this subject as it is very widespread and the individual accounts are numerous.This would lead one to believe that there is more to it than you think. Take care.


I am convinced there is life after death for one reason: Jesus Christ died and was placed in a tomb–and 3 days later came back to life.
Think about it a moment: What would it take to prove to us that there is life after death? The answer is clear: Someone would have to die, and then come back to life again. It wouldn’t be enough for them to have a so-called “near-death” experience; their death would have to be real. And it wouldn’t be enough for only one or two people to see them; it would require many witnesses.
But has this ever happened? Yes–when Jesus Christ rose from the grave! His death was real; hard-bitten Roman guards made sure He was dead before they took Him down from the cross. And His resurrection was real also, because hundreds saw Him during the next forty days. Paul, writing over 25 years later, noted that “he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living” (1 Corinthians 15:6).
How could this happen? It happened because Jesus Christ was not just another man. He was God’s only Son, sent from heaven to save us from our sins. Only He could say, “I am the resurrection and the life. … Whoever lives and believes in me will never die” (John 11:25-26). This can be your hope, by giving your life to Christ today.


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