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what exactly, in layman's terms, is a vortex? how does it differ from an astral plane?

I’ve heard there is a vortex in Wanaque, NJ…a “doorway” where “spirits” pass in and out of our dimension, and into another…Is this for real?


  1. A vortex is a spiralling funnel, there is one in your bathroom
    every time you flush. I suspect there is more than one in Wanque NJ

  2. an astral plane, like any other non-flying plane, is flat, whilst a vortex is a cone-ish-like warp in the fabric of spacetime

  3. A vortex is a lot like a plane (astral or otherwise). To get a good mental image, look at the surface of the water in your toilet. The surface is a plane. Now flush. The spining surface is being formed (warped) into a vortex. You will notice, that the water only goes out. If you enter a vortex, it’s doubtful that you will return.

  4. Vortex is a spiral-shaped phenomenon such as a tornado, whirlpool, hurricane, cyclone, monsoon, or even the way the water swirls when it goes down the drain in your sink or tub.
    The largest and most powerful of all vortexes would be the massive black holes that many scientists say are at the heart of all galaxies. Now, because of the concept of black holes, other scientists believe that some black holes may actually have “wormholes” at their bottoms that lead to other places in the galaxy or even the universe. Now, bringing this back down to the little whirlwind or dust-devil level, some new age thinkers believe that every vortex is a door to the hyperdimentional spaces that exist within and around the perceived 4 dimensions of relativity space we live in. Sure, I like these ideas and keep them handy because I like thinking about things in different ways from most people. Wanaque, New Jersey? There’s supposed to be vortexes in many different location around the world. One of the most powerful vortexes is supposed to be in and around Sedona, Arizona, Thanks for your question. Sincerely, UC Steve.

  5. Vortexes – if they exist are like centers of energy, like a whirlpool of otherworldliness
    Astral plane is the otherside, and if vortexes exist, you can reach the astral plane from them.

  6. a vortex is a spinning circle of that throws one all out of placement. Kinda’ like a whirlpool of the water, but a vortex deals with energy.
    the astral plane is another name for another dimension that overlays the current real world.
    I would say for your purposes, that the vortex you are talking about could be a doorway, gateway, portal…to the astral plane but not the astral plane itsself.
    Kinda’ like a car is a car, but a car has a door. The door is not the all being of the car and the car can exist without the door.
    heh, does that help you any? *wink*

  7. a vortex is like a whirlpool. it is as dangerious as a undercurrent but more easily detectable because it is in this physical plane.
    the astral plane is mutable an infinite at the same time.
    what you are talking about is a thin weak spot in the space time continum wgere things physical and nonphysical can easly pass through mostly by accident for the physical objects. can be delberate by spirts.


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