what exactly do you do with a buddha statue?

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I have one in my room, and right now its just a decoration. However I am interested in Buddhism, but have not read anything that deals with having a statue of the Buddha. So, what do you do with a buddha statue?

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British Shorthair

Whatever you want, depending on your beliefs! Some Buddhists will use them as a focus for concentration or devotional rituals (“puja”) in which flowers, candles, and incense are offered. Others will just like them around as a reminder to maintain the practice. If the calmness and happiness of the image make you feel good, then that’s a good start!


Don’t worry about it. Unless you start praying to it – you do know that Buddhism is a philosophy of life, not a religion as such. i.e. it has no god
Oh, you can even pray to it without doing damage to either one of you.


Makes for a good paperweight.
Buddhism is a good philosophy of live, but it is still a belief system where man tries to improve himself through his own efforts.
Christianity is about realizing you can never truly change your nature; where you surrender yourself to God through faith, and God changes you.

♀♀ the wpf ॐ

I just have mine as a reminder of the Buddha’s teachings, ideas, and a reminder to be mindful and think, speak, and act in ways that will promote loving kindess and cease suffering. But as you can see by some of my posts here, the statue is not by the computer. LOL


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