What exactly do people that belong to the kabbalah religion believe?

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i don’t see how asking a question is making a fool of myself, isn’t that what we do here, i wanted to know about something, and anyone who has an understanding of it, can fill me in, so i am doing my homework. if you don’t want to answer then just skip over the question or better yet, get off of a site that requires answers, since questions seem to offend you…thanks to those with actual answers and not insults.
Judith- thanks so much!!!!

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I’ll have to assume your talking about the people who pray toward the Kabbah, who are called Muslims. They don’t belong to the Kabba, they pray for what it represents, it’s where the story of Abraham occured.
Do some research and find out for yourself


It is a Jewish spiritism practice that ends up with an adherent believing that there is a way into the kingdom of God other than Jesus Christ.

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Kabbalah is not a religion in and of itself. It is a mystical tradition originally contained within Judaism.
As another poster said, please do your research before making a fool of yourself…..


the kaballah is an esoteric part of religious judaism which, using advanced texts and a spiritual sense, tries to help the individual deal with subtle layers of textual meaning and, in a strange way, get a handle of some notion of the idea of god.
it is not its own religion or practice and has no validity outside the realm of very orthodox, observant judaism.


The main concept of Kabbalah (which is a part of Judaism, and not a religion by itself) is to use numerical values in the Bible to expose the secrets of the universe.
For example – the 5708th verse in the Bible is Deuteronomy 30:5, “And the LORD thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shalt possess it; and he will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy fathers.”
Israel was established in the Jewish year of 5708.
Kabbalah is not meant to be studied outside of the context of Judaism, and only by people who have a grasp on Judaism as a whole.

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Sorry Sweet heart but I am from the south ,and I have never heard of this religion before.. wish I could help. God bless you. will find your answer. I’m sure.


burning in hell


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