Home Discussion Forum What exactly are astral projections?

What exactly are astral projections?

I have heard about astral projections but what are they? What do you experience and how do you experience them?


  1. They are when your soul leaves your body, while you are still alive, and travel elsewhere, free of your body, and then returns.
    Experiences vary, and not all are pleasant – those who do this believe that evil ones can pop into your body while you are gone, if you do not go about it correctly.
    As for how, a much tougher question! Most do not even believe it is even possible. Those who do know, but I’m not sure how one could teach someone else how to do it.

  2. Hi,
    lol, no “evil ones”can’t pop into your body by astral projecting.
    Like any skill, AP can be learned. It isnt very difficult but it does take practice and persistance.
    Here is a response to a similar question that I answered a while back. There is extra info in there but I think most of it should be useful.
    Here it is:
    Like I wrote in response to your other question, no, AP is not any more dangerous than falling asleep.
    Astral experiences are fairly common it is just that they are too often not understood. Astral projection is a very real and natural process of life.
    Even though many people will not have had a conscious Astral experience, everyone has had dreams, and they are part of the Astral world. We all go to the Astral plane every night when we go to sleep, we just don’t usually remember or realize it because of those dreams.
    While in the Astral, our Astral body and our physical body are connected by a silver cord that makes it impossible not to come back to your body upon waking. It stretches infinitely and will not break. Also this makes it impossible for anyone else to get in, unless you try channeling or something like that which I wouldn’t recommend.
    So no, you wont hurt yourself by Astral traveling, unless you fall out of bed 🙂 Like I said, we go into the Astral every night when we sleep and in the morning we wake up perfectly fine. The only difference is that if you become aware of being there in the Astral then you will have that amazing memory.
    No you aren’t too young, as a matter of fact you would probably have an easier time learning to Astral project then older people. Harder for us older dogs to learn new tricks.
    Yes you can train yourself to AP. I did and I know many others who have. The site I posted in your other question (www.astralweb.org) is a great place for more info and to hear about other peoples experiences and even take a free online course in Astral travel.
    I just wanted to address some of the points in a couple of the other responses just for your peace of mind and not to argue. Everyone has a right to their opinions.
    There is nothing “dark” about Astral projection. It is part of life and we all do it, even if we are unaware of it.
    Nothing else can get into your body because of the silver cord that is attached between both the physical and Astral body.
    It isnt actually that hard to have a conscious Astral experience but like any new activity, it takes practice to get good at it.
    The Astral is a very real place. It is a whole other dimension of life just waiting to be explored. It is amazing. You can fly, walk through walls, travel to anywhere in the world just by thinking about it, you can meet and speak with spiritual beings (like angles), learn about the processes of life and death and learn why we are here and much more. It is more exciting then anything that you can read about or watch on TV because it is something that actually happens to you.
    You don’t need to take my word for any of this. The Astral is provable to anyone that has been there consciously and with the proper techniques and exercises, if you want to, you can prove it for yourself.
    That was it. I hope it helps.
    I have been consciously projecting for years and I learned how to do it from this site, http://www.astralweb.org. I found it had the most accurate info on the web. You might want to check it out..you can even sign up for a free online course that will teach you some great projection techniques.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.
    Kind regards,

  3. The astral projection is what some have mis concluded to actually be some sort of travel.
    In reality however, they are merely lucid dreams of extreme clarity and detail which involves a context that can be described and easily accepted as some sort of outer body experience where you travel along the “astral plane”.
    To say that astral travel is legit, is about as rational as saying the demon that repetitively joined my sleep paralysis stints was a genuine demon rather than a figment of the brains amazing power to generate images from the vast amount of information we collect and reference in our life time.
    Dont be fooled.
    Astral projection is nothing but a lie.

    An experience, either spontaneous or induced, in which one’s center of consciousness seems to be in a spatial location outside of one’s physical body; Celia Green distinguishes two types of such “ecsomatic” [From the Greek ek, “out of,” + soma, “body”] experiences: the “parasomatic” [From the Greek para, “along side of”] in which the person appears to themselves to possess a duplicate body, sometimes connected to the physical body by a “silver cord;” and the “asomatic” [From the Greek a-, “without”] in which they feel themselves to be entirely bodiless; in either case, many experients claim to perceive their physical bodies lying inert, to see and hear people while remaining unperceived themselves, and to perceive objects and events normally beyond the range of their physical senses; of special interest to parapsychologists on account of its alleged connection with clairvoyance, and to students of survival as providing an example of what disembodied existence could be like. The term “OBE” is preferred by parapsychologists for the phenomena also known as “astral projection,” “traveling clairvoyance.” See also Astral Body. [Dale & White, 1977]”
    (link below)

  5. It is when the spirit in an individual has left the body. I heard this term when I watched Jackie Chan Adventure as a kid, they used the sheep talisman to do astral projection that make the spirit exit the body.

  6. Astral projections can be made when you still lay in bed, our astral body detaches itself from the physical, and travels through the astral dimensions and there we can see the other dimensions, as the terrestral one, and we can see what happen there.
    But it’s quite dangerous doing astral trips, because if someone disturb you when your astral body is not jointed with the physical one, then you coul be die.


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