Home Discussion Forum What evidence leads someone to believe in reincarnation?

What evidence leads someone to believe in reincarnation?

and don’t say, “What evidence is there for a God?” because this is an entirely different concept


  1. The only evidence I can think of would be this
    We are all made up of atoms, these atoms do not disappear when we die. Dust in the Wind.
    I believe we get reincarnated by the sense of atoms

  2. There is no conclusive “proof” however some people have been regressed through hypnosis and have spoken of previous lives. Many have given details that would have been improbable for them to know otherwise. However, I use the word improbable because it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they have subconsciously absorbed some random facts which have then been built into a false memory.
    I have learned that memory is a very fragile concept and unlike previously believed views that everything you see and do is recorded, experiences are initially stored in short-term memory and only when your brain recognises it as something important does it attempt to commit it to long-term memory. This is why you will struggle to recall all of the number plates of vehicles that have driven past but are more likely to recall the registration plate of a vehicle involved in an incident.
    Similarly, the brain will put into your vision what it expects to see, which is why we do not see our blind-spot unless we specifically look for it.
    I, myself have had several dreams set in a small village that I do not recognise. Each dream is different however, the village is the same. It is strange that the same village would feature in each of the dreams with me doing a different thing (unlike a recurring dream of same place and same actions). My parents have also told me that when I was very small, I would tell them about an imaginary place that I would one day go back to and the fact that I could describe it in great detail. Personally, I put this down to my imagination as a child but others would see this as proof of reincarnation even though it proves absolutely nothing.
    The lack of evidence is very much like the lack of evidence relating to the existence of God. There are many people who would look at such flimsy evidence and say that it proves something which it clearly does not.

  3. There is no evidence, only wishful thinking. God made man to live one life and stand before him in faith as that one person. When a person stand before the judge of the faithful in the day of Judgment he will be judged for the one life he lived as one human being. Pigs, dogs etc do not come under God’s Judgment. Jesus is the saviour of mankind not all of the animal kingdom.


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