What ever happened to the "Indigo Children" who has an "indigo" aura who were supposed tobe some next gen deal

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The fad went away.

Kelly P

not sure but i saw the movie…uh reminded me of a 70’s after school special, awful.

Andosia Fair

I thought they were still quite young, too young to rise up and do… whatever. It makes for a lovely story though, doesn’t it? A lovely new faerietale.


Somehow, after the books on Indigo Children hit the shops in 2006, the fad faded.
But don’t worry, they were replaced, if only temporarily, by Crystal Children.
No blue aura, or symptoms of ADHD for these children.
One might, kindly, refer to them as Developmentally Slow.
But they share the Indigo Children’s love of Nature; as one observer reported, “I watched a Crystal Child walking from tree to tree, giving each one a Big hug”.
It’s lovely to know there are such special children in the world.


Nothing. They’re still around. The Indigo Children have made way for the Crystal Children, though – or something like that.
If memory serves, Indigo Children are supposedly the ones with Autism and Down Syndrome. The Crystal Children are the peace-makers.
I’ve had several people come up to me and ask if my son is a Crystal Child.

Ken E

The dye washed off?


some of the above seem to have some bizzare ideas…..
indigos are not developmentally disabled or anything like that. in fact most have understanding of nearly everything far beyond their years.
and the crystal thing is “there” too.
its really I think that most of the people who could benefit from the information’s initial dispursal have. so now its simply part of the information out there. to those who do not understand the nature of it, this might seem like “the fad passing” or something, but really its just another phase of things.


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