What else should i put in my Book of Shadows?

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im starting my own BoS and so far i have some laws of Wicca, color correspondences and day correspondences. I have started writing my own spells on index cards and im not sure if i should include those in my BoS.
serious answers only please…no christians preaching that i should be looking to god.

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Al Azar El Capitan!

I am sorry to interrupt but what is a Book of Shadows?

Lady Astarte

Your book of shadows is a reference tool for yourself. Include anything that will help you with your practice…including spellwork.

People's Political Commissar

Don’t know what a BoS is but I can send you my picture and you can put it in there. It’ll be good for spells and stuff…


Yeah, I’m not wiccan, but it makes sense to me that you would put the spells in the BoS.
It probably doesn’t matter that much how you do it anyway. Isn’t a BoS supposed to be like a really personal thing, (KINDA) like a diary? Do you can probably put in whatever you want right?

Jedi Master Suspended AMâ„¢ Don

your BoS is about YOU and your connection to the craft. put in it what you want to remember, what is important to you and your journey. Think of it as a working scrap book and an encyclopedia in one…


BoS is all about you – but here are some ideas –
Book Blessing (invocation asking for the God/dess to
Statement of tradition (name of practice, brief explanation of
Rules/goals (as above)
General beliefs (reincarnation, threefold law, etc)
Altar layout, tools used and what for, ritual dress, etc.
ie: Circle casting procedure
Prayers, invocations, songs
Etc. (handfastings, initiations, tool consecrations, etc)
Spellworking Rituals – color/element/stone correspondences
“spells” recipes,incenses, ritual foods, etc.
Meditations guidelines and steps
Days, Months and Phases of the Moon


Well, I also have rituals copied down – like, consecration, opening/closing the circle, the LBRP/LHR and the like. Your own spells belong in it too, I think.
It boils down to whatever you feel comfortable having in it, though.


Due to my level and experience, I have found I often get some rather lovely notes on how I have helped someone, been a mentor to them or a role model. I also have a few poems written to me/about me and some rituals written for me. I like to incorporate those into my own BoS type of setup although I use a different name for it. It kind of personalizes things.

Fortunatas Wisdom

There is a horrendous hell created for witches and practitioners and dabblers of the black magic arts, whatever grand or fancy name they choose to name it by..
A word to the wise …


You can put your own spells that you’ve worked out, candle colors and their corresponding meanings, stones and what they are used for. Really anything you want can go in you Grimoire.


Phrog’s layout and recommendation above is a good one to go by.
Sott Cunningham’s book “Living Wicca” has some very good suggestions for setting up your own BOS too.


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