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what element can I add to lightning chakra to create a cool kekki genkei?

tell me what element it would make and give me some jutsu


  1. I think that you should go with either Wind,Earth,
    Fire or Water.
    A sand-type jutsu like Gaara’s Sand Koffin would be awesome for a Wind Jutsu.
    Kisame’s Shark-Ball Jutsu would be awesome for a Water jutsu.
    The Flaming Rasengan would be sweet for a Fire Jutsu.
    And Naruto’s technique where he goes underground and comes back up in front of the opponent and uppercuts them(forgot the name), It would be cool for an Earth Jutsu though.

  2. water because it conducts electricity.
    The only other thing i could imagine was if some sort of metal style existed and adding electricity could create magnatism sort of like from xmen. but that’s just my imagination running a little wild i think.


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