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What Effect Does Your Chi Have on Your Body?

I’ve been doing Taijiquan Yang style for a little over a month now. I’ve started to be able to do the basic Eight Step Pattern without having to think too much about where I put my hands and feet. Because of this, I am now able to concentrate on my abdominal breathing and redirection of chi. I am not claiming to have mastered anything at all. I’ve just noticed that when I focus on redirecting my chi (yes my Bai Hui and Ming Men pressure points are lines up) to my palms upon exhaling my palms get warm on the surface of the skin. Upon inhaling (when my qi is being redirected back into my Dan Tian) my arms begin to get warm, along with the back of my neck, my chest, and lower back. If I continue these movements over and over the heat causes perspiration.
I also practice TaeKwonDo quite actively and it takes a real strenuous exertion to cause me to perspire.
What I want to know is if this is normal, or if everyone experiences something unique in their path to master one’s internal energy.
Muaythaiguy: No such thing as qi? All the Qi meridians match up perfectly with nerve crosspoints. Qi isn’t some spooky mystical force. It’s your internal energy. As far as I know, energy is kind of scientific.
*Please no more stupid quips.
As lengthy as that rambling was, it did nothing to answer my question.
Again, I say, no stupid quips, pointless ramblings, conversions to other styles, demeaning of other styles, claiming to possess God-like omnipotence, or being a plain jackass.
If you have nothing to say about this question in a constructive manner, don’t leave a comment at all.
I know many of you are thinking that if it isn’t scientifically proven then it can’t be real. Really dumb assumption to make. So much of our existance is unknown, unable to be proven by science, yet life goes on.
To close out a possibility because it hasn’t yet been DISproved is ignorance.


  1. Wow, every morning, for the last 8 years I have woken up and stretched, did my Chi Kinf and ndxf gning on the list is my Wu solo form, a 108 posture form, sometimes I do the 42 position comp. form.
    Chi, or your life’s energy is part of the equation, there are the forces your body is supposed to learn, Peng, Liuh, Ji and Ah. The shapes help to get these forces to be made of out of your body, Take all these advanced Daoist concepts and make them simple, worry not at this point, instead, just take time to feel the energy flowing withing you. Remember, feet anchored in the ground, head pulled by the heaves,
    Dure, you’re a young powerhouse, so doing it now through external pressure is no big thing. Take you time to feel the heavens pulling your head, to feel energy drawing up through the floor to your handsl. This will be one of the greatest feelings you will have in martial arts, take the time and enjoy it. Enjoy it until you are very old.

  2. The perceived sensory effects seem to be, in my experience, unique and varied from individual to individual. This can cause a lot of confusion and result in a bit of mysticism when practicing Chi Kung.
    Since it has be demonstrated to my satisfaction that it isn’t necessary to understand the theory and underlying working of Chi Kung for it to have a positive and noticable benefit for supplementing martial arts training then I tell people with whom I train not to bother trying to figure it out and just practice it as it was taught to us.
    Within our style there are definite differences that are consistant across all domains between people who train the supplemental Chi Kung exercises and those who do not. Those who do perform better according to the mechanics and expectations of the style and those who do not have a poorer physical performance of the style. This has been enough empirical evidence, for me, to justify training in Chi Kung.
    I do not know the entire Chi theory, and that I do know I do not understand. I haven’t embraced any belief in the mystical or occult aspects of Chi Kung and don’t see belief in such things is necessary to produce positive results. It is entirely possible my lack of interest and complete understanding of the theory and knowledge of Chi Kung is limiting my potential. However, I only practice Chi Kung to achieve a desired effect in my martial arts performance and I am getting that desired result so no further potential progress is important or necessary for me.

  3. well scientifically considering there is no such thing as chi, it has no effect on your body
    edit: your theory is fine, there is still no scientific proof that ‘qi’ exists
    edit: the belief in chi is about the equivalent in believing in a god

  4. “Energy” is scientific… It’s the quantity understood to perform work.
    “Chi” is not scientific. It’s “Qi” (æ°£) meaning air, gas, vapor, breath, or spirit. There is no quantifiably known “life force” other than chemo-electrical impulses sent through the body. As it can not be quantified or qualified, it is not scientific, no matter how you dress it up.
    Take a moment and perform an exercise for me… Stand up, and put your right arm straight out in front of your shoulder, palm toward the ground, and fingers fully extended forward… Now, without moving that arm, I want you to pass your left hand over your arm toward your wrist then back underneath. Focus on a cool, blue light around your left hand, emanating into your arm as you move slowly back and forth… As you do so, you should notice your right arm starts to tingle and grow cooler… Perhaps your fingertips grow cold… This may take a few minutes, and indeed it may not happen the first time… But keep trying… Try with your friends and family and see if they experience anything different…
    Now… does this mean you have paranormal energy that you’re radiating from and reabsorbing into your body? No. It means the blood couldn’t effectively flow in your arm and the tingling and coolness came from your muscles being deprived of oxygen and blood flow. Combine that with the instruction/suggestion that a cool blue light is emanating from your hand, as well as the distraction from the fact that your arm is elevated by having you perform a superstitious ritual (superstition being any act that is performed with no relation to the perceived outcome, and then performed repeatedly to bring about that outcome, ignoring the times it doesn’t work).
    Please don’t misunderstand: I don’t care about your personal beliefs — if they make you happy, fine, great even. But please please please do not ever suggest that such superstition is science. It is nothing of the sort.
    “As lengthy as that rambling was, it did nothing to answer my question.”
    Actually, it did answer your question: Yes, it’s normal because of a psychophysiological quirk of the human body. Just because you’re fanatically bound to a concept of a mysterious energy when a scientific and logical counter-argument has been made doesn’t make it a non-answer. Everyone, to some degree or another, will experience a similar effect.
    “I know many of you are thinking that if it isn’t scientifically proven then it can’t be real. ”
    This is a short-sighted view of what I said. I, in fact, said that it has been scientifically -dis-proven — that is, that your theory of internal energy does not hold up to basic rules of formal logic. Namely, your logic is as follows (in modus ponens):
    If I do tai chi, I sweat.
    If I sweat, I’m harnessing qi.
    Therefore, if I do tai chi, I’m harnessing qi.
    What happened in this line of logic is that you started with a faulty premise of a concept of “qi” which is an equivalent of any other non-provable entity called a “logical absurdity” — which includes concepts such as god, qi, and Bertrand Russell’s teapot in space.
    You’re using the same argument that has been used in debates for centuries that the burden of proof lies on the skeptic. If I say there’s a pink fuzzy bunny that lives inside me and makes me sweat when I think about it, you’d call me mad and discount my claims as ridiculous. To which I’d retort, with as much merit, that just because you can’t prove it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, implying the burden of proof lies with you, the skeptic. Unfortunately, while convenient, that’s not proper logic or science.
    My response simply included allusions to Skinner’s pigeons turning in circles because they believe ardently that turning in circles earns them bird seed. Just because you believe something causes a random or non-random occurrence, doesn’t mean the occurrence is caused by what you attribute it. When I was a child, whenever I lost a tooth, if I put it under my pillow, I’d wake to find a quarter. I attributed it to the tooth fairy. If I knock a tooth out and put it under my pillow, will I wake up tomorrow with a new quarter? Nope. I’ll have a tooth. But because I believed that it was the tooth fairy as a child, I might keep putting the tooth under my pillow and feel reassured when I finally wake up to find a quarter. This is superstition.
    “To close out a possibility because it hasn’t yet been DISproved is ignorance.”
    To not close out a possibility when it’s been logically refuted isn’t ignorance — it’s idiocy.
    Hope this clears things up for you.

  5. Qi is real, it goes beyond science. It does not have a number value for its output. It’s not static. Its your soul, its your life energy. You can manipulate this energy with focus and relaxation. Humans tend to go by what we know and then the possibility of the unknown gets shut down. I know its real because I can feel it and I can propel it. Feels like magnet but it attracts and pushes at the same time depending on distance and intention.

  6. Right, Chi can be felt. Just because science hasnt proved it yet, doesnt mean it doesn’t exit. Science still hasnt figure out what gravity is but my feet is on the ground.
    This Chi can be felt from a hug, and expecially at concerts, and those who experience this at church mistakenly come to an conclusion that it is the Holy Spirit, because they dot understand that it is the Chi coming from everyone who is excited.


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