yoga teachers always say that doing yoga will increase your self confidence and help you get rid of depression in their adds.

I do believe that it does, but my questions is why or how?
how does it affect your self confidence?


  • While stretching is relaxing, it isn’t yoga unless it is done in conjunction with the breath(pranayam). The breath is important because once you are able to control your breath, you are able to control your thoughts and your life. A regular yoga practice will increase self confidence-imagine how great you feel after working on a pose for months that you are finally able to do. Also, any back-bending posture helps with depression.

  • Doing yoga will increase self confidence is very True . This is my personal Experience also. Yoga is better control on your Mind & body. When you control your mind you can get rid of any problem and able to take correct decision also. Yoga Is consist of
    1. Pranayam ( Breathing Exercise )
    2. Asan ( Some physical Exercise )
    3. Meditation ( Mind Control )
    If you reaaly want to know more in this topic please read “LIVING WITH HIMALYAN MASTERS” by Swami Ram.

  • It affects your self confidence because yoga is also designed to help clear your mind, improve your concentration, calm you down and reduce stress. It is designed to do this as well as all the other good things it does. You meet new people and learn which always does your confidence good.

  • Yoga is doing stretches. The practitioner moves slowly from one stretch to another and holds that stretch for a time, then moves on to another.

    This slow moving and some breathing exercises help them to relax and become more calm. Being relaxed and calm can increase ones self confidence, since the person is not excited.

  • hi,
    after doing yoga for awhile, you really get in touch with yourself in a way you probably haven’t before. its helps your posture so you can stand tall and walk about very proud of yourself with a new found confidence. also you discover your inner self, what bothers you or causes you problems.. you will focus on a solution for all these things and one by one eliminate them and then you will begin to focus on the joys and blessings in your life.
    i hope this helped! 🙂

  • Indeed it does. You have to practice it for months to gain this experience. If you practice yoga you loose nothing but gain a good health, at least.

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