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What does this tarot spread say to you?

“After I undergo a shift in consciousness and I become liberated will my romantic relationship to austin be re-continued?” responce was the single two of cups. What can this mean?


  1. you are happy when your romantic, almost out of body so. but the problem is you cant stay that way or your gonna get in a relationship that is unhealthy.
    at least thats what i understood.

  2. Lady. Snap back into reality. If you want to fix your relationship then start trying now instead of waiting around for a “shift in consciousness”.
    You are what you are and so is Austin. Work with what youve got.

  3. it means your proposed course of action will bring you the relationship that you desire. I would personally emphasize that it may not necessarily be the same person but that it doesn’t matter. The cards may hint that it is, but the principle is more important than the individual, even if that isnt what you want to hear now. You yourself may transcend his personage with your course of action and find a different person more suited. Absolutely you are on the right track tho with your thinking. if thats the only card you pulled.

  4. The Two of Cups traditionally talks about partnerships of every kind so on the surface this looks good.
    I don’t think that you will reconnect with Austin in the near future and that would be a good thing. I know that you want to get back together with him but if you look at all the complications in his life and especially your own, it wouldn’t work long term (at this point). It seems like you both might have other relationships right now; if yours doesn’t work for you, leave it because of that more than Austin.
    If you want it to last this time, get yourself sorted out and get to a place where you’ve really looked at and changed things that influenced why you are apart right now. He still cares about you but to rush back into it will end things for good.
    The Divine Miss L

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