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What does this tarot card reading mean?

I asked about what my future looks like with relationships. The cards I received were The Hanged Man, Six of Pens and King of Cups. I don’t exactly understand, there are many meanings of these cards. Can I get some thoughts?


  1. The factory that made them would be a much better place to ask what they mean. When you call don’t ask for the workers who actually made the cards for pennies and probably don’t speak english. Ask for the front desk to patch you through to the owner. he will be out on his yacht laughing at all the simple minded people of the world. The world loves to be led/astray.

  2. It means you have already headed down the wrong path when deciding to see a card reader.
    Best thing is to leave it alone.
    Tarot is “tar” and “rot:” take your pick.
    Peace and best regards.

  3. Hello
    Did the cards have positions?
    In short these 3 if read together could show a time of waiting, delays which will be worthwhile & a man who cares for you will appear, maybe in the form of someone who is offering help.


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