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what does this quote mean. "This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"-Lao Tzu?

I need to rite four paragrahs of wat it means and it’s due this wednesday!!!!!


  1. the whole idea is that anything big starts of small and works it’s way up, you can give examples and elaborate on that

  2. Basically it means you cannot begin a journey without taking one step towards that journey. If you take one step back, you are just making a thousand miles seem like a million. And if you are afraid to make that journey, you will never reach your destination. I kind of take it like a goal thing. If you are afraid to reach for your goals, and instead of taking one step toward your goal, you will never make it.

  3. It’s talking about starting something you’ve been putting off for a long time. You have to start somewhere…start at the begining and it will be over before you know it…and along the way your journey will teach you things about yourself and where you’re going in life….

  4. It means to take things in small steps. You can go 1,000 miles, and that’s a great accomplishment, but you didn’t just jump and land 1,000 miles away – rather, you started with one small step and worked forward from there.
    You can then tie this in with real-life examples, say a business that started in someone’s garage and is now worth 1 billion dollars.

  5. It means even the biggest of tasks start with the smallest of efforts…so quit putting it off and do your homework. Let me know how that works out for ya.

  6. You have to start something before you can finish it. You have to write a word, then a sentence, then a paragraph, then a page, then 3 more pages and you are done. Asking what it means was the first step.

  7. It means before you start any journey in you life you must willing to start and take the 1st step no matter how hard the road or how long the road ahead is…..

  8. it could mean that every step you take that step begins a new journey! or if you want to take a thousand miles all you have to do is take a step in a new direction!
    I don’t know though so you might not want to use that on your paper!
    aRe you in school still?

  9. it means that you have to start SOMEWHERE to get ANYWHERE… and that one step (literally and figuratively) can take u a short distance or very far places (literally and figuratively).
    start small (good or bad) and work at it… eventually it (good or bad) will get big .

  10. It is merely common sense…just like the saying that you should…”never spit, piss or whistle into the wind!”

  11. it means
    if you never get started with anything.you never get anything done
    the first step is the hardest to take…then once you have taken that first step the rest come easily…

  12. a trip of any length requires that you take the first step…that applies to anything in life. If you do not take the first step towards a goal, you will not get anywhere. U can make examples of that idea now.

  13. What a waste of education. Tell your teacher you could be doing more productive things than this!
    But anyway, it has several similar meanings. One meaning is that you must take everything “one step at a time”. Things may seem huge but they’re really just alot of little things that are easy to tackle on their own.
    Another meaning: you can’t achieve anything great if you never start trying. You must take that first step towards your goal if you are to ever reach it.
    You can make 2 paragraphs out of that. Then you just need 2 more.

  14. well if you dont take that first step and commit then you can never finish. but it does not take into account the journey itself.

  15. No matter how big the task seems, no matter how insurmountable it seems, make a start and continue from there. Most things in life are accomplished in small stages, not in huge giant steps. Any task, broken down into small pieces, seems much easier.

  16. it means what it say kit kat… since you ain’t got a car, and you wanna come through and spend the night, I’d suggest you get your journey started with your first single step now…

  17. That you can not go any where without taking the first step. Pretty much that all your dreams and hopes and aspirations can never come true unless you work too make them come true.
    It can also mean that anything can be accomplished step by step.

  18. The first step a baby takes is not his last but his first of a thousand miles. If you don’t take that step the journey remains a thousand miles. Everystep in the journey is significant….because without each step the journey doesn’t reach the thousand mile mark. The first step is the most significant because without it… the journey is not only not a journey at all but not existent. You create the journey with the first step. Just like you create the 4 paragraphs with the 1st word. Get going or it won’t happen.

  19. along with ur first endeavor in life is another so as u move on to ur life there are great opportunities that lie in which u had the power to choose which way to take n as an overall asssessment it cud be a leagcy u cud leave behind….

  20. The same as the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”
    Almost all the other answers are right, it just means you have to start to finish.

  21. Because 1000 miles seems so huge and insurmountable, many people just avoid that first step. Of course, without taking the first step, you can never make the journey. However, with each step, the journey ahead becomes shorter. 999 miles doesn’t sound as impossible as 1000 miles. By simply taking the first step, you make the journey possible.

  22. No matter how big the task or how challenging the goal, you get there by just beginning. Without the first step, the journey will never happen. Somebody who dreams big but never acts to make their dreams real will never attain them. But even if the dream seems unattainable, by taking that first small step, you move towards making that dream come true. In fact, the whole journey is made up of small steps.

  23. That has got to be one of the best known “getting started” quotations ever. However long and complicated any endeavor might be, it always needs to be initiated with something short and simple. It could also be interpreted to show that no journey ever gets completed that isn’t started. There’s just so many useful ways that you can try to interpret those few words.
    Once you get started, you only have to do one step at a time. Getting started is by far the hardest part.
    If you need more help with the writing process, please feel free to let me know.
    Good luck!

  24. Oh I love Lao Tzu quotes…Start looking and they are everywhere.
    This one means everything starts somewhere. All long journeys, big accomplishments, huge projects- you start with one step.
    The quote reminds to think small sometimes, for that is where everything begins. Don’t discount that some journeys are slow, step by step processes. too often we all want immediate gratification, immediate satisfaction, and are not willing to get in there and start working, slowly and methodically towards the goal.

  25. it means everything that you’re aiming for will only be possible if you start working and if you start reaching for it. nothing will happen if you dont even take a step towards your aim. you may say its so far and very impossible, but everything begins with a single small step. ^_^

  26. It means
    start with Lao tzu life for the 1st para..try to make it two
    then giv the meanin.put the quote in too..put in examples..examples help make it long
    then giv ur views.

  27. It means whatever dreams or goals you want to accomplished, it can only start if “you put it into action”. In other words ” you have to make that first move to get the goal accomplished”.

  28. Even the longest and difficult ventures have a starting point. The starting point is the most crucial pare of the journey where you begin to set out on your journey to grow closser step by step to your goal.
    Basically, the single step is the step where you start to take action to strive towards your goal.


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