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What does this quote mean by Albert Einstein?

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)


  1. I think he means that during World War 3, we will destroy all our technology and weapons that we would have, and so come World War IV, we will have nothing but sticks and stones.
    However I think he forgot to take into account one MASSIVE factor. Knowledge. If we knew how to make a gun before, we still know how to make a gun and we will create a new gun.

  2. He was referring to the devlopment of weapons as powerful as nuclear missiles and so forth- basically, the quote is a warning that war on that scale will be so devastating it will destroy the world as we know it, leaving us without any kind of modern infrastructure and technology and kill virtually everyone- so that sticks and stones are all that we have left to fight with.

  3. He means that if there was another World War then we would use weapons of such devastation on each other that human society would be annihilated. If anyone survived then they would have to go back to living like cavemen since all technology would have been destroyed.

  4. After world war 3 happens, our capacity for technology will be destroyed. We will be forced to go back to basics to survive. If you’ve ever seen any nuclear war Apocalypse films, all technology and the means to recreate that technology (scientists, factories etc) has been destroyed. All we would have is our hands, and what ever is lying around.

  5. It means he’s taking credit for the destruction of the world.
    That dirty Jew invented the atom bomb. He’ll be responsible for a billion deaths before it’s all said and done.

  6. you really dont know??
    einstein had the forethought to realize that when we sanitize the earth with nuclear and chemical and bio weapons there will be no tech savvy people left after one generation to regear the earth as we know it.there will be people left most likely but the emphasis will be on survival of the fittest and bravest not trying to destroy the world. our history will be erased and when the world is populated again hopefully it will be a kinder gentler. if we make it that far again.
    we will literally be back in the stone age with better tools. gas will gone in say twenty years. electricity will ge gone unless you get a solar pack.no vehicles will be able to be used. ammunition degrades over time so guns will be useless after awhile.

  7. I think he means that if there is a 3rd World Was with all the super sophisticated weapons we will wipe out the human race and all that goes with it.
    What will exist will be like going back to the beginning of time and starting over again.

  8. Zola – Did you have a book of anecdotes for Christmas?
    I don’t know what Einstein really meant. I can only guess that World War III would be fought with such powerful weapons that great swathes of the World would be obliterated. Therefore if World War IV came along, having already lost everything, those that were left would have to resort to caveman type fighting, with sticks and stones.

  9. World War III will be so catastrophic that everything will be destroyed and civilization will be back in the stone age. So there will be no weapons left to fight with in World War IV and people will be fighting with sticks and stones.


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