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What does this means when Lao tzu says this?

Lao tzu ( tao te chinh )( dao de jing ) a very famous philosopher says =
If you can empty your mind of all thoughts
your heart will embrace the tranquility of peace.
Watch the workings of all of creation,
but contemplate their return to the source.
All creatures in the universe
return to the point where they began.
Returning to the source is tranquility
because we submit to Heavens mandate.
Returning to Heavens mandate is called being constant.
Knowing the constant is called ‘enlightenment’.
Not knowing the constant is the source of evil deeds
because we have no roots.
By knowing the constant we can accept things as they are.
By accepting things as they are, we become impartial.
By being impartial, we become one with Heaven.
By being one with Heaven, we become one with Tao.
Being one with Tao, we are no longer concerned about
loosing our life because we know the Tao is constant
and we are one with Tao.
I’m here to learn like you.


  1. i have read this before and got from it the following (in crude terms):
    don’t let the bullsh*t bother you…it is just bullsh*t and doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things…just know yourself…be okay with the things you do in life and you will not regret which is one thing that causes people to fear death…you will not have those things undone that people fear death have…you will be calm within yourself

  2. I believe the first verse to mean to free out mind of thought will allow us to see life as it truly is. The second verse where is says “All creatures in the universe return to the point where they began,” means that we originate from Earth yet we perish in the Earth. when we “return to its source” we experience that peace before thought, and go to heaven where are thoughts are pure and empty of sin. I believe the constant described here is life.
    Sort of a rough analysis, for further questions you can contact me.

  3. its self-explanatory its really easy to follow
    This is a philosopher’s instruction upon how he thinks people can live their lives at the optimal level of enjoyment through attaining inner peace. He tells us the main reason for all the evils in the world is due to a lack of knowledge from inner wisdom and attaining it will make us better people “god-like”.
    to do this he instructs us to
    1. rid our lives of stress and listen to the peace and joy within us.
    2. observe the beauty of the world and its workings
    3. you will reach the heavens and be more knowledgeable
    4 you will become enlightened
    thanks for your two points
    i hope this helped to explain the meaning of what the philosopher said or where you testing us to see if we knew ???????????? the latter seems to be more likely

  4. Lao tzu as the famous philosopher wanted to share his thoughts that if we All have the peace of mind after unloading everything in the mind, We are all with God in serenity. Everything of life forms and creatures will surrender themselves to the Creator. The summation of All these thoughts will be these: Tao as God, Tao as the Constant, and Tao as the Heaven and by submitting ourselves to Tao we are all save in life and in the end and in Eternity,

  5. it’s just saying that if we do not fear death..we’ll have a happy, peaceful and contented life. as everything in this world will die…in time..

  6. It comes across to me that Lao Tzu message is saying, do not fear death. To understand death is not an ending but a beginning will enable us to overcome fear of death, fear of the unknown.
    Observing nature deeply will help one to understand the cycle of death and re-birth.

  7. I don’t think that fearing death or not fearing it is the point here at all. It is just a statement about how things would be if you enlightened yourself and freeing yourself from fear (all fear) is a nice benefit.
    I like this very wise passage a lot, because unlike some other mystical teachings, it does not advocate the total eradicating of the self, the personality. It just says “empty your mind of all thoughts” – a meditative technique. This sounds very powerful, and less easily exploited by unsavory characters who would control people in the name of religion or spirituality.

  8. I think that what he is trying to say is that if we can find the strength within and know that we can do it and not be afraid then we are one with heaven. If we do not fear death and our lives then we with be one with tao. Living in fear we will not find our way. By excepting things for what they are and not questioning them then we will be one with heaven.

  9. Medidate…..it brings you closer to God. “Be still and know that I AM” …….and know that YOU ARE “I AM” as well. We are each divine for we are all made up of the same “stuff” and
    it’s the emptiness that holds the “stuff” together. Did you know that 99% of what we are made of us is space? Pretty cool, huh?
    God is the emptiness and the Source.

  10. The first line is a way to experience reality for what it is. Then there is an attempt at explaining a perception of reality that really can’t be comprehended unless experienced.

  11. Take one or two lines each day and live them,
    In living our questions the answers will come.
    A great quest, you really don’t want to be told the secrets of the universe.
    One must learn them for himself.
    Are you up for it
    Or do you just what a quick fix.
    I wish you peace in the heart.

  12. Wisdom: you know. Otherwise you would not have “asked” this question.
    You know, everything great and deep that has ever been uttered or not uttered by anybody anywhere at any time revolves around this theme.


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