What does this means when Lao Tzu saids this?






There is nothing better than moderation
for teaching people or serving Heaven.
Those who use moderation
are already on the path to the Tao.
Those who follow the Tao early
will have an abundance of virtue.
When there is an abundance of virtue,
there is nothing that can not be done.
Where there is limitless ability,
then the kingdom is withing your grasp.
When you know the Mother of the kingdom,
then you will be long enduring.
This is spoken of as the deep root and the firm trunk,
the Way to a long life and great spiritual vision.
2 –
The ancient Masters
who understood the way of the Tao,
did not educate people, but made them forget.
Smart people are difficult to guide,
because they think they are too clever.
To use cleverness to rule a country,
is to lead the country to ruin.
To avoid cleverness in ruling a country,
is to lead the country to prosperity.
Knowing the two alternatives is a pattern.
Remaining aware of the pattern is a virtue.
This dark and mysterious virtue is profound.
It is opposite our natural inclination,
but leads to harmony with the heavens.


  1. Mystery within mystery…the gateway to all wisdom. Taoist alchemy is a fine and proven path, unquestionably. I hope your question moves the few to an exploration of the wonders of Tao :))

  2. Honestly, I don’t know how to make this much clearer. I’m sure you must have given it a lot of thought already and I have the feeling that you wanted to share it . Thank you.

  3. “banish skill, discard profit, ” Dao de ching
    the abilities are not over complex – he would have everyone with he same abilities but not extreme abilities, nothing that can twist reality without others being able to verify its worth. if it’s too clever, too complex, then too few understand, value is limited
    he says the most valid truths can be understood by anyone, he advocates a simple life, he luckily saw things uncluttered though there was not technology for him to see the benefits of there was no advance of science helping to underpin the diversity of society, skills singularly acquired profit, and thus ineqality

  4. There is no point in attempting an answer to this. The meaning of the Tao Te Ching is gained after study, and there is nothing to prevent that. Any “answers” to this question should only come from a trusted teacher, or should at least be given over time and not through a sound bite.

  5. my interpretation. feeling a little tongue tied today but i’ll do my best.
    he is trying to communicate that moderation, as applied to any aspect of life.i.e. the mind, the body, the spirit is best viewed from the core so as to be aware of all aspects before proceeding.
    excessiveness or recessiveness in any area will delay the journey.
    it is however a journey and believing you’ve arrived is perhaps the biggest misconception and the costliest.

  6. It means that Lao Tzu was not concerned with the three existences, only this one. It also means that Lao Tzu was not concerned for karma from previous existences, only this existence. It means that Lao Tzu traveled the paths of superficial observation that an open minded attitude of fully listening to people without interjecting one’s own thought into the listening and observing leads to success. Hundreds of people have written this. Some were in the quite ancient world and never heard of Lao Tzu.
    It means that his teachings are still popular with some people because they love seeming profundity coupled with actual shallowness.

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