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what does this mean?

We are all cosmic consciousness assuming individual form.


  1. its basicaly saying that we are one and connected yet at the same time different individuals with our own thoughts and lives

  2. The best source for this in western philosophy is Spinoza. All things appear to be individual and separate, yet, in all things there is a universal oneness.
    As part of this theory, there is a singularity of consciousness. Spinoza called the unifying aspect “God.” But it doesn’t have to be. You could also call it “Mother Nature” or any other popular metaphysical or supernatural entity you wish.
    The thing is, the theory is actually self defeating. The fact that the singular is dispersed into the many makes it irrelevant whether the singular exists or not.
    It seems obvious that Spinoza knew this, and used it as a way to de-objectify God and unify the concept of a Godhead with the laws of nature.
    He was a very brilliant man.


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