Home Discussion Forum What does this letter from my friend mean? It's so confusing...?

What does this letter from my friend mean? It's so confusing…?

do you think that this letter is just too mean?
How are you doing at the moment? Having fun I hope! Wow as I had always said, things fly by a blink of an eye. No matter what we do, it doesn’t matter which road we take it’ll always lead us back to our old spot. “Cycle of bad karma’s” on and on again. I had faith in you until the very end. Do you know what? Sometimes you make me so angry. You always do and said the opposite of what I would hope for. And I hate being angry, because it only proves that is I still care, and I still hope for a change. But really, I don’t want to care anymore. I want to learn to move on and live my life. Ha, I use to think that I can never fly without you there. Maybe, all this time, I had just been fantasizing that you were once there, to always pick me up. But everything is coming into a clear vision now. Sometime I wish that I can ask you to stay,our world is full of confusion, it’s spreading to me. I finally realize why you are always two persons now. Everybody has always told me that you are wrong for me and I had always ignored them. I really did care for you once. I would run all the way to the end of the world to save you. I’d walk for miles in the cold winter to find you if you did ever run away. I kept telling myself that I’ll always come to your rescue, whether you want me to or not. I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall, I’ll understand you, when the world turns their back on you. I welcome you, and you turn away.Well, so I hope that you’ll find that person, the friend who would care for you; and you would be able to love them back in return. Ha, I did all that I can to make you happy. I even try to change, to match your requirements, but of course it’s never enough and the requirements would only add up, as you had always said, “It’ll never be enough for you.” But, I’m so tire of pretending, pretending that everything is okay, that nothing has changed, and things will always be the same and we can always carry on. Friendship is all about support, I was always there to support you whenever you needed me. I can see through you like a glassy window. You like to run back and forth, but either way the facts will always remain the same.
I’ve always treated you like you were my best friend. I would always make time for you, whenever you needed me, no matter how busy my day gets, you may think that I’m stupid for doing that, but always remember I’m not you. I did it, because I consider you my friend. I would always side with you no matter what, I would always let you win, cuz I know it’ll satisfy your selfish little heart. And you couldn’t even spare a single day out of your daily fun for me.
To this very day, I’m still unclear on what you see me as? But then of course, either way it doesn’t matter.
So I give up, I offer you my hand, I offer you everything, my dreams, my caring, my friendship, but you refuse everything. I have nothing left to give you. And I given you so much more than you deserve. I feel so foolish, I try to set things right, try to understand you, try to forgive you time and time again, and tried to look past your flaws over and over. I did all that I can to save this pointless friendship.
I feel like I can never tell you enough, but it wouldn’t matter at all to you.
So here, let’s stand and watch as the future shatters into pieces, let it fall, let it come crashing down, so that we’ll see that there is really nothing left, but a bunch of broken glass,
All there is now a days is pain and anger, your presences brings dark storms and pouring acid rain that covers up a sunny day, can’t breathe through the black mist anymore,
So lastly, remember I’ll always love you as my friend; that is one thing that I can never change, and I can’t run away from that feeling that I’ll always have some kind of care for you no matter what happens.(There, I answer your longing question, I stay all this time cuz I still have a little care for you and I hope that we could have work things out.)
I hate how you only bring out the worst in me and when I try to fix and help you, you turn the table around and attack me.
um, this letter is from my best friend, and she is 100% striaght, so yeah, i just don’t understand why?


  1. I don’t think it’s mean at all – harsh maybe, but not mean OR confusing. It sounds like your friend has had quite a bit bottled up and has finally let it out. Sounds like you haven’t been a very good friend to her and have taken her friendship for granted. She’s done playing games and trying to please you and she made that perfectly clear. Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts.

  2. tbh? i think your best friend whether your both males femalses or male / female, i think he she is telling you that he/ she loves you and wants to and has always wanted to be more than freinds, i am an unpublished writer so i can see into things sorry if this freaks you out but i think thats the truth.

  3. He or she is obvously upset about something that you might have dont. So e-mail them and say something along the lines of “I am so sorry for whatever I did. I WILL fix it, I WILL change that aspect of me. Please tell me what I have done wrong, so that we can look past each-others differences and get on with our everlasting friendship.
    Through love and hate,
    Through fights so great,
    Through ups and downs,
    Through going round and round.
    This rollercoaster ride has been going on for a long time.
    Let it keep rolling on.
    Your friend,
    (Your name here)
    Hope this helps

  4. Its a little harsh… You must of done something to really upset her… I mean I was a little awed by the harshness of it… I would never want that said to me in a letter…in person ya but not a letter…
    Shes basically telling you off… about how good of a friend she is to you… and how bad you are to her … but she will always care for you in a way … since evrything you have been through

  5. i love this letter and the images it contains. you’re friend is a good writer and i feel the same about one of my friends. maybe you should apologize cuz thats what i want my friend to do. i want to hug her like old times. take my advice.

  6. this sounds like a more then friends letter like the person used the word friend instead of what they really wanted to say like lover or something…..it pretty much says how they were your everything how they gave and gave every ounce of themselves to you and you continuously push them away to pull them back in and play games with their emotions….i suggest you call this person or text or even write a letter back asking for details in ways you have hurt this person if you are unsure and apologize…cause your “friend” seems to be really hurt and no matter how hurt they are they will always care for you


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