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What does this dream mean?

The dream started in a dark room with a faint dark light. The room was a tall circular room with a log in the middle of it. The log had stairs going up to the top, yet the higher you go the smaller the steps went. I was there with my friends and we were trying to get to the top, but there was a dark hooded figure that would grab us and take us back to the bottom before we could get to the top. Looking at this thing would make me has a feeling of terror. When this figure started to climb the stairs to get one of my friends, I pushed him off the stairs. Right then I knew I have to go to the top because it will be back. Getting close to the top the stairs were so short that I had to climb the tree by hugging it and climbing. I got to the top and a door open and thats where we escaped. We found our selfs in a dark hall way with many doors that seemed like the same thing that was happening to us was going on. We left the place and I woke up.
When I woke up it was 3 in the morning and I went back to sleep and I had another dream. It is in this other question http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100818134241AANCVxh


  1. maybe it means that, in the future, you and a couple of your friends will be associated with the same event that puts one of these friends in danger, and that you are the one to get him/her out of it.

  2. Could you have possibly done something with those friends? You know.. Maybe something bad? The dream could symbolize that the further you go with it, the harder it will get. Maybe the hooded figure could be yourself in a way, trying to get you to tell the truth so it brings you back to the beginning. Or guilt..or your conscience. So you get scared. The doors I’m not sure about. But maybe they represent all the different ways you can get out of the problem. Then again, this hypothesis could only be right if you and those friends did something wrong. If so, you better tell the truth. Your conscience is coming to you in a dream. Dreams like that can be explained. I go on this site http://www.dreammoods.com . Try it out. If not that… Maybe it can mean that you and your friends are going through a rough time. And pushing the hooded figure could be the fact that you can resolve the problem and break free from it. Consider who the friends are and the friendship you have with them. Bad, good?

  3. well i don’t know much about dreams but what i do know is that dreams are sometimes made by what you are thinking and whats in your mind so maybe you saw a scary movie and the thought of it got stuck in your mind and you had a dream about it.


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