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What does this aura mean?

My mother has a purple aura around her womb or lower belly. What does it mean? I’m not sure if I really believe in aura’s but I can see colorful hazes around people very easily.


  1. really you have some pretty good physic connections there
    auras are basically the color of your soul that characterizes who you are
    purple aura usually means that you are in a good state of mind

  2. Yes it means she is at a good point in her life right now, if you think she might be pregnant this would not be a sign. If you can see auras clearly than you are a lucky person, and are blessed with a keen sense of life.

  3. >>if I really believe in aura’s << "auras," not "aura's." Learn to spell, Mel. By the way, auras are complete bullshit. Have a nice day.


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