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What does Third Eye look like?

No im not talking about the band.
When i close my eyes in the middle of my forhead i see a dark
purple dot and blue clored stuff moving around.Isnt Third eye supposed to blue.And i havn’t really meditated but 2 times and not in a deep state.
On youtube i listen to music that stimulates the third eye does that have any thing to do with it?
Sorry for all this writing


  1. Your third eye isn’t a physical thing that can be seen.
    It is a metaphor for a spiritual awakening…supposedly when you achieve nirvana or some silly thing, you see everything clearer…in your mind.
    It won’t really appear on your forehead.

  2. Don’t listen to these brains which have been sprayed with black paint.
    You DO see your third eye in the middle of your head if you have the power to use it. Its a purple circle, and as you concentrate on it harder, you will breakthrough and enter hyperspace and start astral projecting, this looks like an illusion of a worm hole tunnel you will be entering with many different shapes and pattern in colours flowing by. If you become very powerful you will be able to become a prophet and control peoples minds, attract animals etc, telepathy. The stronger your brain, the stronger your soul 😉

  3. Hi All-
    While studying Kriya Yoga about 20 years ago an intense image appeared in the middle of my forehead with my eyes closed and has stayed there with me ever since. It’s amazingly beautiful. It’s a blue sphere pulsating with golden rays.


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