Home Discussion Forum what does third eye blind mean?

what does third eye blind mean?

a good band, just wondering what ‘third eye blind’ means?


  1. heres is what they had to say THIRD EYE BLIND – Our third eye is the imagined one that gives us a kind of sixth sense (telepathy, ESP, etc.) and the band felt that most of us are blind in that sense. There is also a symbolic third eye (all knowing eye) that appears on the back of a U.S. dollar bill.
    Though other people have thought it was the other 3ed eye which is a eye only guys have it you get my drift.

  2. Well i’m not 100% sure but you’re third eye is said to be in the middle of you’re forehead. It’s supposed to be the sours of all physic’s power. So i guess “third eye blind” means not physic or something.
    Hope i helped!!!


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