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What does the word witchcraft mean to you.Have you researched the basic belief system of a witch or wiccan?

Alot of people hear the word witch or witchcraft and instantly percieve things from a christian standpoint.Witchcraft and Wicca are often misunderstood and so I am interested in your viewpoints and am wondering how many of you have done some research in this area of spirituality.


  1. I have!! A lot of my best friends are witches, and it’s really frustrating how prejudiced a lot of people are about that sort of thing.
    I considered going Wicca for a while. It is actually a very pretty kind of religion, but I changed my mind ^_^

  2. I was Wiccan for 13 years, I’m very well versed on the subject. I was never Christian so I don’t view any of those terms from a Christian standpoint. Witchcraft is a practice, Wicca is a religion – the two aren’t inherently related.

  3. Personally when I think of it, I think of people worshipping nature. Christians believe it to be something negative because in their teachings it is spiritism, the belief that you are being lent power from Evil beings such as Satan.

  4. When somebody says witch i tend to think of magic and fantasy first (not Evil) and then wiccans. I hardly every think of the “evil” variety

  5. a recreated religion prey on the susceptibility of young women to delude themselves they are some how special
    with no connection what so ever with historical practices that would give it some credibility

  6. When I hear the term “witchcraft”, I suppose that my first thought is just a general one of my friends who practice the Craft. I’m a Christian, and yes, I’ve researched Wicca (and many other types of Paganism). Also, I have quite a few friends who self-identify as witches, and get along well with them. I’ve attended Pagan Pride Day events, and have attended various Pagan rites and rituals (including Wiccan ones). I accept other religions, and honor spiritual traditions that differ from my own. By learning firsthand about various religions instead of relying upon mere hearsay, I’ve found that there are more commonalities between most belief systems than there are differences. I prefer to look for what unites us, rather than for what divides us.

  7. answer: Wicca and other pagan religions are wonderful religions. My family and 90% of my friends are pagans and Heathens. I was an elder in the community for over 20 years.
    Yes, I did a lot of research in Heathenism, paganism in general in addition to other religions.
    Unfortunately, many people aren’t willing to question what they’ve been taught and truly believe that if you aren’t part of their religion then you’re damned and evil. Willful ignorance should be painful but it seldom is, which is a shame.

  8. I am Wiccan and I am a really tolerable person, especially when it comes to other religions, so I don’t know why others aren’t the same.
    As long as you aren’t hurting anyone then I don’t see a problem.
    And Pagan religions in general predate Christian religions so it’s not something that just started occurring in the past 400 years or so (when the witch hunts began).

  9. i consider witchcraft to be the practice of an occult or magical art, such as herbology, astrology, or divination. i believe that before you call yourself a witch, you should be accomplished in the art you’re pursuing.
    wicca is a modern ceremonial religion based partly on witchcraft traditions, but not depending on the practice of witchcraft.

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