I have read somewhere that shadow means ritual.
Shadow Men are witches who make ritual.
But Book of Shadows isn’t a Book of Rituals because it doesn’t include only rituals.

So, what is the meaning of shadow in Wicca?


Please add your source or tradition.
Thanks 🙂


  • I haven’t heard the term “shadow” used in Wiccan practice except in the sense of the Book of Shadows, which may indeed include rituals (along with meditations, chants, recipes, invocations, and many other things depending on the individual or coven). The Book of Shadows is so called because of the mistaken belief that Wicca is descended from ancient practices where the Book of Shadows had to be hidden “in the shadows” to avoid being found by Christians. While this has been largely debunked, the term has stuck.

    “Shadow Men”? Never heard of them, nor of the word “shadow” meaning ritual. All Wiccans (most Wiccans are witches, but not all) create ritual, so a special term for a Wiccan who does as opposed to a Wiccan who does not makes very little sense.

    Now, another possible reference to the “shadow” in Wiccan practice might be the Jungian concept of the shadow — the “dark side” to everyone’s personality that contains all that they hate and fear about themselves. Coming to terms with one’s shadow can be a useful spiritual practice.

    Hope this helps.

  • Shadow means so many different things in wicca. Why? Because in a shadow, everything looks the same, they all blend together, like the night and then they all become one form, The goddess. So shadow is used in many different ways in Wicca, but symbolizes being one, being all together.

  • “Shadow” has many meanings in wicca.

    One meaning can be refered to a “Book of Shadows” A book of shadows is a collection of magical and religious texts of Wicca and other Neopagan witchcraft traditions, containing core rituals, magical practices, ethics and philosophy of a Wiccan or other tradition.

    Another meaning of shadow is, like you said, a shadow man, which is just another word for a man that follows the wiccan tradition.

    So as you see, shadow just doesn’t have one meaning in wicca…it has many.

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