What does the term "Lightworker" mean to you?

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Serious answers please.

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working with the engergies of the universe to spread “light” to all. … to illuminate… etc..


Someone who chaneles the white side of energies to do good and change bad fortune to good fortune.


Someone who works at a light house.


Serious answer.
My aunt calls herself a Lightworker and she is very high up in Lightworking circles (you have probably heard of her).
She is one of the most selfish, self-obsessed, narcissistic people I have ever met.
She uses her spiritual beliefs to justify some pretty bad behavior. For example, she stole from my mother, and then said that the personal property belonged to her “by divine right” and that my mother had no business with it.
Whatever Lightworking does, it doesn’t make you a good or nice person.

jack c

person thats on light duty at work.


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