What does the seventh (crown) chakra FEEL like?

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How do i know when it’s activated in me / working properly?
How SHOULD it feel?

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Dances with Kali

As with all spiritual concepts and symbols someone had something very profound happen to them and they explain it in symbols. I will say the crown Chakra is a necessary link from source to incarnation although to be a fully functioning human all the Chakras will work in harmony with each other.


cold rice pudding

Sadhara Satguru

It is always open, always activated.
To be aware of it, for myself feels like a band about my head or heat about head.

Tom I

When it’s more active than you can handle, you may feel it as a headache – stop concentrating on it!
When it’s exceptionally active, it can feel like the entire top of your head has just disappeared – very exposed…
When it’s highly active, it can feel like you’re wearing an overly-tight centurion’s helmet – especially noticeably there’s a horizontal stripe of pressure around the forehead (I also get a vertical stripe between the left and right sides). Short bursts of feeling really flushed and fuzzy there are more common though, for me anyway.
When it’s not quite as active as that, you might get wriggling electrical tingles in your hair, possibly just surface, possibly quite deep into the skull.


when you open your crown chakra you can do awesome stuff like waterbending and controll earth and water and fire elements and! air! you can become a avatar! :O


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