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What does the Knight of Swords mean in Tarot?

During the reading I asked about if/who/when I would get married. I got the Knight of Swords and a few other cards. The reader said that the person I would marry would possibly be an old lover of mine. From the Knight of Swords she got that he would be an authority figure, the two do not make much sense to me though. Are their any personality traits a man could have regarding the Knight of Swords?


  1. The Knight will relate to a fixed sign and swords is either air or water, so I’d say either Leo or Aquarius. Your reading showed a man who was full of power and authority, so I’m assuming possibly a Leo.

  2. I’ve heard two interpretations.
    1. A ruthless man, a fighting spirit.
    2. A smart, intellectual and ambitious young man. The card can represent that a man who means/brings trouble shows up.
    That you meet a smart man, but he has a sharp tongue and can be tough to deal with. Or difficulties in starting a relationship due to gossip, enemies, bad people.

  3. The Swords suit represents the Air signs, Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.
    The plain meaning to the Knight of Swords is assertive and courageous, using intellect above all else. Showing strong mental skills rather than physical force. Will encourage you to use your mind more.
    Its strongly associated with a man between the ages of 25-40 who is most likely an air sign.

  4. The Knight of Swords can be many things, which you’ll hear those who scoff at Tarot use as an attack on it’s validity. Remember those who have become gifted in Tarot use their intuition to tell you more than just what the card could represent. Some are better than others.
    One thing it is certain of though is that you won’t be marrying an older man, he’ll be young (18-28+).
    See this article for an explanation of age in tarot court cards of the minor arcana and the significance of 28 years in astrology and numerology:
    Swords is the element of air, which means it is the intellectual element of the 4.
    Explanation of the elements in Tarot can be found here:
    I’ve found from personal experience that the element of the court card does not represent the astrological sun sign of the person it points to.
    Rather it points to their vocation in life, career or personality.
    Knight of Swords could be, for example, a policeman, lawyer, doctor, dentist, academic – even a hairdresser (someone that works with sharp tools!).


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