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WHat does the judgment card mean in tarot?

Okay so iv used tarot for a long time, and i might add its helped me with advice and what not. I know intuition is best but when ever judgment shows up in the deck I dont know what to explain about it i end up guessing after a good 3 minutes of looking at it, What is your opinion or thought about what the judgment card means. Cuz I need to explain it the next time i see it.
Thank you 😀


  1. Depending on what the question was that you asked, Judgement can be about:
    a wake up call
    a chance to start again
    forgiving and forgetting
    facing up to the music
    clearing your conscience
    It has the energy of coming to terms with what has happened and either doing something about it to put it right or putting it behind you. Depends who is involved and what the situation is but I hope you get the general feeling.


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