Home Discussion Forum What does the color/appearance of my third eye mean?

What does the color/appearance of my third eye mean?

my mom was practicing her newfound ability to see auras. She was looking around my head but became focused on my third eye. She said she saw a brown oval outline and a red dot in the middle. what do you think of this?? what do these colors mean? she also saw an oval inside the oval (concentric ovals)


  1. Your mother is practicing satanism. This concept of people having ‘a third eye’ comes from the satanic religion of Buddhism.

  2. the colour should be purple, and it repesents,in! dreams thoughts, ideas, i think brown is meant to be survival mode,like the base of the spine,red would indicate power,energy.,might be blocked,see a reiki master for help.

  3. This kind are of spiritual gifts from GOD. The third eye is of purity because it can see the purity of THE HOLY SPIRIT. THE HOLY SPIRIT is the perfect reflection as if from an untarnished mirror the eternal inaccessible glory of THE FATHER GOD lest we see it, we die. But the perfect inacccessible glory of THE FATHER became accessible through THE SON OF GOD WHOM this glory was given by THE FATHER. I myself with my 3rd eye saw the purity of THE HOLY SPIRIT in a dream and my 3rd eye saw only that purity. Thus, the 3rd eye is of purity in color. Let us pray to THE HOLY SPIRIT as follows: COME HOLY SPIRIT COME THROUGH THE POWERFUL INTERCESSION OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY YOUR BELOVED BRIDE AND GIVE US YOUR ADVICE AND COUNSEL. AMEN..THANK GOD; FEAR GOD; PRAISE GOD; GLORIFY GOD; HONOR GOD; LOVE GOD AND WORSHIP GOD.


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