What does the church have aganist meditation?

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I have noticed that whenever there is a question about meditation someone will always say things like ‘its not the way of god’ and stuff like that or someone will get really angry and quote from the bible or just get plain angry and call that person names.
Whats the reason behind this?why is the church against meditation?is it afraid that people can start helping themselves and will not have to depend on the church anymore?

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There are different kinds of meditation. The original Christian Church has always valued meditation as a form of prayer. Meditation on the life of Christ allows us to more fully appreciate what He did for us. However, such techniques as transcendental meditation, where one intentionally empties one’s mind, making it susceptible to any and all spiritual influences, is a dangerous practice which the Church does not approve.

Upasakha Jason (JPA)

There are plenty of contemplative traditions in Christianity…just not protestant Chrsitianity. Cistercians, Trappists, Dominicans, Fransiscans, contemplatives all. It’s just that in most protestant sects of Chritianity, there is the doctrine of sola scriptura: only the Bible. If it’s not in the Bible, then it is not sanctioned by God and is therefore demonic.
If you follow the pattern of responses, you can see that most of the disparaging remarks against meditation come from ultra-conservative protestants, many of whom have no idea what meditation actually is. For example, in a previous post, one respondent said, “It’s just thoughts.” Another said in a thread several weeks ago that meditation opens you up to demonic influences because it clears your mind of thougths. There’s a lot of disparagement over something that they don’t quite understand, and seem unwilling to learn about.


Meditation makes people smart, and less likely to obey Church doctrines. And this VERY thing is the reason the Church moved away from the Original Kingdom Gospel which was all about how to Worship in Spirit and raise the light within yourself.
A stronger person doesn’t need a church to tell them what to do. Their direction comes from within themselves. More on my bio.

allecat EWTN

I don’t know who says that, but yes meditation is allowed. There are Christian meditations where you meditate on the Gospels.


Those who answer such questions in that fashion are dupes and stooges. The reason the church is against meditation is that if people start to think clearly they will realize they are being conned


Eastern religions do it. Plus it might allow the followers to actually Commune with God, God would tell the Christians He isn’t affiliated with their church. That would be bad for the church. Can’t have the Truth running rampant in the church now can we? People might learn the body is the Temple where we meet God. Very, very bad for church business.
The church isn’t about you Becoming Like Jesus. The church even goes so far as to say you can’t Become Like Jesus. The church is about you giving the church some of your money and power; and having you solely rely on the church for guidance.
The church has a way different agenda the God has.


i certainly hope not because i’m a christian and i meditate sometimes just to relax and get away.I think the people in your church are just plain silly because i’ve never heard of christians getting mad over meditation,that’s just plain stupid.I cannot possibly fathom what could be ungodly or evil about meditation.Sometimes my own christian bretheren are so dumb minded they make me embarassed to be a christian.I don’t see anything wrong with meditation and i think the people in your church are disturbed or silly and need to crack open the bible and see what jesus really thinks is evil,THE SPREADING OF FALSE WORD!,which is what their doing leading people to beleive meditating is evil and all.


Meditation can either take you to more error (twisted around
positive thinking it can actually be a great wrong sandwiched between
truths and poisoned truth is the worst kind because it seems so
sincere) or meditation can lead to more truth.
Meditation can be via being guided by lying spirits or an attempt
to guide yourself – thinking that you can be successful that way
which is a false premise altogether – we need God, the Holy Spirit and the word of God to guide our meditation or we will be stuck with
much untruth and be disadvantaged! We can not trust ourselves that much though we should always be sincere and humble in whatever we do. We need to meditate on pure, holy truth and let the Holy Spirit
teach us the things we need, not other spirits or worldly concepts
that lead to falsehood. Calling on the name of the Lord is the
most important – more important than any techniques of breathing
or anything that could produce a “power of suggestion” state
where we will believe anything – it can be a very dangerous tool
if used the wrong way!

Sadhara Satguru

It would depend on the religion.
Some use prayer as meditation, connecting to God. Some fear followers getting to know themselves – so for those it would be discouraged!

Linda K

Who knows, you know that meditation is even encouraged in the Bible. You listen to God after you have prayed and you get your comfort from within and many other gifts – as well, balance, relaxation, recharging. The main thing is that you are able to take your own efforts and make your life wonderful, what others do and do not really have no affect. You snooze, you lose, right? See ya on the inside 🙂


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