Home Discussion Forum what does the catholic church think about kabbalah?

what does the catholic church think about kabbalah?

I am catholic and have been reading a little about kabbalah. i think it is really interesting and i know it is a “technology” but i was wondering if the Catholic Church opposed it in any way.


  1. Kabbalah is an esoteric interpretation of the Torah. I doubt the Catholic Church would approve of it.
    By the way, to practice Kabbalah, you have to have studied the Torah your whole life and be extremely knowledgeable about it, and be married, have a stable family life, and over the age of 40.

  2. yes, it is digging into something that is best left alone. You have all the mysticism you can handle contemplating the Mass.

  3. Interesting question. This is a question that I think would be best answered by your own search. There is a clear difference between religion and the science of Kabbalah. I must admit also that the things mentioned above about the past restrictions on who could study the wisdom of Kabbalah are no longer valid. Kabbalah is open to anyone that wants to study it regardless of what religion they are a part of. Here are a few links that I came across that I hope help answer your question and wish you well on your path. Peace….Mr.Unstoppable


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