What does the card XVII THE STAR from Aleister Crowley means?

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I have taken this card asking about my relationship. It was the only card i pulled out and even though I read the meaning on the Crowley book I still need I bit more info.
If anyone can help me would be so good and relieving.
Many thanksVivi

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It sounds like a card from a tarot deck. But these are worthless as predictive elements.

Alan C

This card represents a new beginning. You mentioned that you used this in terms of a relationship but without the card being in a relationship with others it would be impossible to say whether this was a new beginning within your current relationship or a moving on. One point that both myself and my wife would make is that the particular deck you are using would not normally be used by beginners. A C was a very talented but evil piece of work

Sadhara Satguru

The Star is a card of renewal, trust, luck, new growth & healing. Join our forum if you wish to understand Tarot.
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