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what does subconscious mind mean?

i wanna know what subconscious mind means? is it like a dream. or is it day dreaming..? any examples??
please and thank you!!


  1. the subconscious mind refers to a level of consciousness that is below our present awareness. In other words, something that a person would do subconsciously would be something that they don’t necessarily realize. Its not a dream but something your mind perceives without a persons direct knowledge

  2. The mind you can’t control directly. Everything you hear, see, smell, think, feel, taste and do without thinking about it stems from your subconcious. The lights you see when you close your eyes, usually in a hypnagogic state, are thoughts from your subconcious. Your subconcious is super effective in identifying all the memories in your brain but when we are thinking real hard we easily ignore these messages from our subconcious. The subconcious state becomes dominant in your sleep as your concious mind goes to rest, meaning all of your dreams were arranged by your subconcious, usually to rouse the concious mind into changing for the better, or by satisfying a neglected need. Nightmares are a way of dealing with fears, your subconcious mind either wants you to be prepared and stop ignoring the fear, or wants you to stop doing something that harms yourself. Good dreams satisfy you when you can’t experience the real thing, your subconcious wants you to feel fulfilled so you can focus other important things in life. You can think of your subconcious as a helper, it does all the work that your concious mind can’t do on it’s busy schedule of thinking and actions and things you always do that don’t deserve your attention. The subconcious is strongly attached to habit.

  3. Subconscious is the state of mind or thought that we are NOT speaking..Its more like thinking..Its your self when your deciding to act,,or a course of action you are considering..The word itself means NOT CONSCIOUS !! Implying when you are not conscious or awake..Your Dreams occur in your subconsciousness..Day dreaming can also be in the subconscious,,depending how deeply you are concentrating ! Regardless,,an example could be this sentence,,”While Johnny was sleeping in the sleep clinic, the doctor recorded his brain waves in his subconscious sleep !!” SOLOMON

  4. It’s like the reserve storage space of your mind.
    It holds all memories, thoughts and feelings that aren’t immediately relevant to your conscious mind.
    All information you ever obtain resides within your subconscious mind unless it is immediately relevant to the situation at hand, or survival.
    To recall information from your subconscious, simply engage your conscious mind in activities related to the original memory.


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