Home Discussion Forum What does study of Kabbalah, Qabalah, Caballa entail for one's soul?

What does study of Kabbalah, Qabalah, Caballa entail for one's soul?

Jewish ‘mysticism’ is an oft-repeated phrase – but that does not tell anyone anything, other than it is ‘Jewish’ – again, whatever that even means.
Chris Everard says that it is the study of invoking fallen angels (devils) in his Illuminati II – The AntiChrist Conspiracy video.
What say you?
So Chris’s video, showing ancient texts of the relatively small Kabbalah with the names of fallen angels – inclusive of Samael (Satan’s angelic name) – is not correct according to RW. I think RW needs to look at Kabbalah again and take off the rosy glasses.
The fact that Qabalah and its so-called Tree of Life can be used in Satanic (Aleister) Crowleyan rituals is proof that fallen angels are part of the Qabalah. Crowley called himself the great BEAST 666. Such involvement will infest the soul with darkness.


  1. Well, I studied Qabalah for many years, using the tree for Crowleyan ritual magic purposes. It never did me any harm.

  2. I think you seem to be imagining much more than there really is.
    what do you want to know about it, really? your question is rather… abstract.
    it is not about invoking angels, fallen or otherwise. it is about understanding the nature of God and existence. understanding the deeper meanings of scripture, life and everything.
    the study of REAL kabbalah, for the right reasons, is very good for the “soul”. it brings one closer to God and understanding and enlightenment.
    its not “mysterious” out of hiding some nasty secret, but because most of what it teaches is beyond the comprehension of the average person.
    might compare it to some high mathmatics. for the average person these things are pretty incomprehensible. you have a chalkboard with an equation for some sort of advanced calculus or rocket science physics or what have you, to a person who knows how to read it and what it means, it might be useful, profound and of value.
    to someone else… its gibberish. mysterious. they couldn’t even begin to comprehend its value or purpose.
    not all things that are good, true, or of value, can be understood by everyone.
    Kabbalah is God’s explaining his nature, and the nature of existence. nothing bad. nothing evil.

  3. There is a lot of confusion about kabbalah. You will get many different answers from many different people. I will tell you one thing. Kabbalah should only be learned from a true kabbalist. Who is a true kabbalist? One that has learned it from a true kabbalist. (If you want to know quantum mechanics there are many ‘smart’ people that have a lot to say about it but you would only trust a real scientist to give you real answers. So you get my gist..) I know of one definate source that is real kabbalah, it’s an organization called Bnei Baruch. They teach based only on original kabbalah sources.
    Here is a link to their website- http://www.kabbalah.info/
    I’m sure you will find any kabbalah related answer you are looking for (from begginers questions, to full on advanced courses on attaining the upper world, myths about kabblah and heaps more.)
    Hope you will find what you are looking for 🙂


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