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what does stars being millions of light years away have to do with time travel?

Somoene was explaining that, and they said something about time travel, but stopped, so now I want to know.


  1. They are so far away that their light takes YEARS to reach us. We would be dead by the time we reached our nearest star:) We even see OUR Sun as it was 4 minutes ago. Isn’t that odd? Amazing though! xxxxx

  2. Stars are very far away, so we’re not seeing what they look like today, we’re seeing what they looked like when the light started its journey. Take our brightest neighbour, Sirius. The light you see today started travelling in when the Clintons were in the White House, Euro coins were new and Windows 98 just hit the shelves.
    And swing around to our neighbour galaxy, Andromeda. The light that enters your eye as you look through your binoculars started travelling towards you when your ancestors were hunting in the plains of Africa.
    Just look up, and you’re a time traveller.

  3. Hiya Freak, I like the name 🙂
    Maybe you already know this but “light year” is a confusing term because usually we think of a “year” in terms of time but a “light year” is really how far away something is. I think they should change the word, personally…..how far away something is. Forgive me if this is elementary to you.
    But then again….when you really think about it it IS about time….a measure of the time it takes for light to travel a particular distance.
    The reason you can think about it either way is that space (distance) and time are really part of the same thing, the same “fabric” called space/time. Again, maybe you already know this.
    Light has a definite “speed”, always the same, and light takes time to travel through space. That means that the light we see from stars was emitted millions of years ago. Or, in the case of our relatively nearby sun about 8 “light minutes”
    What that means is that if we could travel at the speed of light we could go to the sun and see the light AS it’s being emitted, just a little faster and we could see the same light both on earth AND 8 minutes before it reached earth. We would have traveled 8 minutes back into the past.
    Travel the other direction and we could get to the future “before” the light does.
    Time travel!


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