What does SIX OF CUPS mean in a Love Tarot meaning?

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‘how your partner feels about you: SIX OF CUPS’ is what I pulled out of my relationship tarot reading
I’m a little confused if he feels good of bad about me.
queen of cups – present status of relationship
how i see myself – the chariot
ace of wands – how i feel about my partner
ace of pentacles – how my partner views me
seven pentacles – how i see my partner
the heirophant – what stands between us
six of cups – how my partner feels about me
i’m espcially confused about the last one. each site says something different

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FYI: Your God's a Lie!

Sounds like a worse version of that one internet video with the 2 girls and the cup.

BrokenEye, No Star Nation

Means “just ask them, you crazy, gullible moron.”


Looking at the whole spread, this is how I’d read it: The Queen of Cups is a loving and tenderhearted person, so your relationship is (or has the potential to be) loving and generous. The Chariot means you are strong, self-confident and assertive. The Ace of Wands is a portent of adventure and passion, very positive. The Ace of Pentacles is a portent of home, family and security, again very positive. The heirophant as an obstacle can mean that the relationship is somehow outside the bounds of conformity (gay, age-related, too soon after a breakup, forbidden or inadvisable somehow, etc.) but the Six of Cups is another positive card that can mean enjoying a shared life, feeling blessed. All in all a very positive relationship spread.


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