What does Rose Quartz do metaphysically?

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I know it’s the stone of beauty. It keep’s you young, but why. Does it help detox the body of allopatic medicines. I kknow Herximer Diamond Quartz Does, got plenty of those.

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Princess Catfish

Rose quartz is supposed to sooth your emotions, ‘heart’ and promote love…

☼ Epona ☼

Rose quartz is also good for healing. I always keep a small piece with me.

Crystal Dolphin

Rose Quartz represents love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love and emotional balance, and is associated with the heart chakra. I’ve never heard “it keeps you young” in any of my crystal healing classes or books.
Unfortunately, rose quartz has an odd effect on me – it seems to draw out any sadness I have and overwhelm me with the urge to cry. If there’s enough of it around, I’ve been known to get dizzy or feel faint. It is such a pretty crystal too – just don’t bring too much of it near me!


None of them do anything except make the dealers a little less poor.


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