• you are correct gramatically but as its currently used it implies a bit more than that. Generally referring to some vision of a grander universe. A spiritual experience which is actually little more than stimulation of some subcortical pathways.

  • You bet your blue-ribbon meat goat it’s mumbo-jumbo, but keep in mind that this particular rhyming pair sounds so much fun is because it is! Mumbo-jumbo is often as fun to practice as it is to say five times fast, and inventing various hierarchies in which to classify the “level” of consciousness gives many people the sort of perverse pleasure that accompanies artificial superiority.

    If you take the time to notice, you will probably find that the sort of people who are so eager to quantify consciousness rank very highly upon that scale of their own creation.

    Now that isn’t to say that it can’t be useful mumbo-jumbo. There could be modes of consciousness ranking that spur people to change themselves (and thereby the world) for the better by striving to “raise” their consciousness.

    Which would you rather be a part of, mumbo-jumbo or plain old bullshit?

  • I don’t believe it’s mimbo-jumbo in the slightest. In fact, it has been my nature my whole life to be considerate of others thoughts and feeling. I try to do unto others as they would me, even if I fall short of their kindness. I have tried to take the non-caring additude, then self guilt kicks in. Caring, is who I am. So I stopped trying to change me, even if nice guys finish last.

  • Well, yes and no. Reaching the “highest level of consciousness” is a worthy goal. But, one can never get there because there is always one more step. Even the Masters can take one more step. As to either you are conscious or not.. well, some are more conscious than others. Just as there is biological evolution, so is there Spiritual evolution. What’s your next step?

  • Sorry, but there are levels…Everyone is not capable of seeing objective truth, if you are a christian then your model is Jesus, the way he spoke and lived showed a “higher” understanding of the way the universe works…
    If your atheist, then take Leonardo da Vinci as your model, he was able to see visions of things that no one of his age, and few of ours, could see. “Higher consciousness” would mean that you see through appearances to the “truth” of things, and can see the possibilities more than others…
    I’m sure you know SOMEONE who has a “lower” consciousness than you do…Does it always seem equal?

  • Everyone vibrates at different levels of consciousness, Hitler had a very low level, Einstein was one of the highest. To me reaching the highest level means to totally unite and be one with the divine.

  • Personal Happiness.
    The “highest level of consciousness”..means different things to different people. One person only gets there when high on something. Another person gets there when reading the Bible. I get there when my kids come to visit. Now that they have kids, they are more agreeable with me….
    Yep. It’s Personal Happiness.

  • means that you’re doing good… not only good for yourself but for others too…..

    just another name for noble person that recognizes they don’t have it all together but strives to have it all together anyway…..

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