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What does quantum consciousness mean?

What does it mean from a neurological standpoint, with the application of physics? Is it just the smallest inner workings of our mind?


  1. Until there is experimental support, it is a vague concept.
    The basic idea is that classical physics cannot explain many of the workings of the brain, but quantum level phenomena allow for concepts such as consciousness and free will to exist. While there are numerous ideas, probably chief among them is that classical physics is deterministic. if there is any such thing as choice (free will), the outcome cannot be wholly dependent upon the initial states of the “mind” and it’s sensory inputs. At the quantum level, there is not evidence of determinism. By virtue of the uncertainty principle, small molecules cannot be pinned to a position. This means that a neurotransmitter can be both near the active site of a receptor and in it. An ion can be near a channel or in the pore at the same time. Only once things have been “decided” at some macroscopic level, does the quantum state become more constrained (quantum superposition). The non-determinant behavior and the collapse of quantum states offer an explanation for what we think of as choosing.

  2. It is a meaningless term.
    It might mean that someone has taken a class in quantum mechanics and can solve the time-invariant Schroedinger wave equation.


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