Home Discussion Forum What does one have to do, to become Enlightened?

What does one have to do, to become Enlightened?


  1. Realise that this life is just a movie being played out again and again until you decide to hit the stop button

  2. You have to go on a journey of self-discovery guided by the Absolute Truth and self-sacrifice.

  3. Since there is no person, no person has ever become enlightened, and for the same reason, there is nothing this person can do to bring about the event. The response that most folks have to that is to ‘not-do’, which is also a doing. Clearly, the implication is to get out of the way and cease all interference, but mind is not inclined to this until the futility of the doing is fully seen.
    However, what you are is Awareness (not a mind) and so the function by which most come to this is through a series of intuitive realizations through which mind spontaneously ceases. I would say, seek clarity beyond the mind, question everything you think you know and be willing to see the Truth at all cost. If there is effort, seek to realize the futility of the effort. Be interested, be attentive, be innocent, be vulnerable, be devoted. Nothing is hidden from you.

  4. Nothing.
    Its true though. If I understood it any better than that I’d be enlightened, but I have to much to do right now.

  5. Feel the warmth of the Sun and the coolness of shade. There can be no enlightenment without the senses. ; )

  6. Depends what you want to be enlightended on.
    If you want to be enlghtened towards the end of life cycles, walk the middle path.

  7. Try anything that looks like it might help.
    Meditation, dancing, therapy, sex, interesting books …
    If you hear a rumour about someone being enlightened, go and see them.
    If something does not work for you, or if someone you meet turns out to be a phony – drop it and move on. One of the biggest distractions is the tendency to wallow in resentment about past things, instead of letting go of them.
    If you find anything at all worthwhile – help others.
    Good Luck!

  8. To answer you just have to believe that you are already enlightened. You don’t have to understand how or what or when just be yourself. However, it is easier said than done. I am still struggling with it myself.
    It is so hard to believe it. I have my ways and I will be glad to share it if you wish to pursue it.
    Thank you for your seeking mind.

  9. “You” cannot achieve enlightenment; the you gets in the way. Dropping the idea of a separate self is needed. No enlighten being has ever claimed an ego.

  10. Enlightenment is the realization of who you really are in relation to the universe. That can be experienced only as a realization in meditation. Before experiencing realization one has to understand it as knowledge. When in meditation do not entertain any of the thoughts that emanate from desires because thoughts that emanate from desires [the 3 desires] create only a false a world. Cannot explain more here.


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