What does one experience under a psychic attack?






Is it an emotion? Do you feel angry? Do little things bother you more often? Is it that all of a sudden you have terribly bad luck? Does your aura change? Or is it just all hocus pocus b.s.? I actually despise someone right now and though I don’t mean to, I picture a very black cloud covering him. At first, it was a grey cloud hovering over his head but these days, it’s covering his body in black. Is this guy under psychic attack?


  1. No, but keep on any you will put yourself under a sever mental attack. Anger has a way of ruining even the best minds.

  2. Psychosis is what one experiences.
    And it’s not him that’s being attacked.
    It’s YOU, ya nut case !
    You are the one having your views change, and they’re not changing for the good, know what I mean?

  3. No”this guy” is under attack from you. You are angry, you are judging and you are choosing to use your imagination to try and make yourself feel that you are doing something “bad” to someone else.
    How can that help you in any way. Vengeance, whether imagined or not will hurt you more than anyone else. You are not hurting anyone but yourself. Bitterness, hate, envy, will create a “black cloud” over you, not anybody else.
    If you believe this is a psychic attack, so be it But you are creating a “psychic attack” on yourself.
    Change your thinking change your life.

  4. Like in Starcraft, a manifestation of psychic attack looks suspiciously like a sci-fi lightning storm
    No, seriously. No such thing. You seem to be describing a hangover, a bad mood, or mental problems, not a foreign attack

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