What does my dream about a witch mean?

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I had a dream i was being chased by a witch without eyes. As i was running, she kept cutting my back and cutting the throats of people i cared about with her claws. Then she cornered me and started biting me.
What does this mean?

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that’s creepy, but it’s just a dream. it doesn’t mean anything.




it means your paying the price for playing with fire, the demons are real you have let them in , you need to be saved ask Jesus to come into your Heart and they will leave you alone


well, the interpretation depends on you, and i have had similar dreams. email me if you want to know more.


It means it is time to pray.Could be an evil spirit wanting to destroy your life and loved ones,and they will work through witchcraft.If you know anyone involved in witchcraft you pray GOD protects you and HE will.


This Dream must mean a Satanic Something people who are telling you it means NOTHING are WRONG! read the Bible or go on Christian Based Dream Interpretation and reasearch Withces In my Dreams! God Bless You! ps: Pray about it! Pleaes

Mary joy Zabate

i have a dreamed of a witch and she bite me what does mean


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