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What does my chakra test mean?

Heres the results of my chakra test, i don’t really understand what they mean and was hoping someone else could help.

Third Eye:open(31%)


  • It means nothing. There are no such things as “chakras”. The human body does not generate chi, or prana, or any other nebulous “energy” that cannot be measured or quantified.
    Like organized religion – the “opiate of the masses”, blind belief in a system with absolutely no empirical evidence to back it up is usually proof positive that such things are not actually real.

  • the Chakras dictate certain traits of yourself and the way this looks is as if ruling by deviations….
    But the chakras can be blocked or cluttered meaning under active.
    Root-connection to the earth, natural rhythm
    Sacral- creativity
    Navel-Moral balance, gut feelings
    Heart-emotions, love, healing
    Throat- communication
    Third eye- intuition and subtle senses
    Crown- connection to the higher aspects of yourself and to god.

    Root under active- lack of grounding, lack of confidence, easilly succumbing to emotional and stressful stimuli
    Sacral under active- lack of creative expression, lack of passion
    Navel- morally sound
    Heart- feeling depressed or bored, melancholic?
    Throat- communicating clearly, not hiding under masks.
    Third eye- good intuition, slight activation of gifts
    Crown under active- feeling disconnected from god or the source

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