What does my aura colour mean?





My boyfriend said that he can sometimes see my aura he said that when i have a go at him its red, but when we’re cuddling it flicks between green and bright pink what does this mean??
cheers guys 🙂 really helpful xox


  1. Red is passion, bright pink is love and lust, and green means growth. When you’re cuddling you’re actually exchanging energy so that is where the pink and green would come from.
    I can see my partner’s aura and he does this little trick where he turns it completely white so I can’t see the color. He simply thinks “I don’t want you to see my aura” and it turns white. So if you feel uncomfortable in any way about your boyfriend seeing your aura, try that trick.
    My website http://www.aura-answers.com has more information on auras if you’re interested.

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