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What does Midheaven and astral twin mean in astrology?

I don’t really know what it means/represent, and I have Midheaven in Taurus.
Also I’d like to know what does it take to say someone is your astral twin.


  1. The Midheaven or MC, is the point where the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun around the earth) intersects with the meridian (a circle that passes through the north and south poles). In astrology this point, as seen from the location of the observer, is one of the four angles and the second most important point in the chart. In most, but not all, house systems it is the tenth house cusp.
    Regardless of where it falls, it is the house of action, or “what you do.” In our culture is is usually related to the career, but it also has to do with honors received by the native.
    Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty and also extravagance. It indicates a person who works for the finer things in life. Depending on the condition of Venus it could also indicate a career in the arts. Don’t count on it. I have Taurus on the MC and it didn’t work out that way, but I do enjoy the finer things. On the other hand, Ted Bundy had a Taurus MC.
    There are other ways to determine an appropriate career. The MC just is one of them. Look to see if the ruler of the ASC is in the 10th house or close to the MC or vice versa. That is often a sign that the native will receive honors at some time or other in the life. Actor Sidney Poitier has Cancer on the MC and it’s ruler the Moon in the first house. It’s not a guarantee however, nor does it mean those without such a placement will never receive honors.
    Astral twins or astro-twins or time twins are two people born very very close to the same time at the same location so that they have nearly identical charts. Despite what some of the so-called researchers claim, they are relatively rare. Whether or not one is really a time twin depends on how much time one is allowing between births. A two minute difference or less can change the sign on the ASC. If you are born with 29 degrees of a sign of short ascension on the ASC or MC and someone is born three minutes later, that person will have a different sign on the ASC than you and possibly a different sign on the MC as well.. Identical twins can be born 15 or 20 minutes apart or more or they can come one right after the other.
    The idea is that if two people are born with the same chart, they will have similar life experiences at about the same time. But even this is clouded by socio-economic and cultural differences. I’ve seen a photograph of two girls born almost at the same time in the same hospital. They are unrelated, and they could pass for identical twins. There were some similarities in their families, but I have no idea how their lives turned out. They were about 7 years old when the photo was taken. They would be 60 or so today.
    AOL put up a board for people to search out time twins over ten years ago. Thousands of people perhaps tens of thousands put up their birth data. I looked for a time twin for months. I found three people born the same day I was and one born within 20 minutes of me about 40 miles away. The resulting charts were different and our life experiences that were similar could have been similar to a lot of people unconnected by a birthday. We didn’t look anything alike. Of course we were opposite genders. Our fathers did pass away within weeks of each other though.
    Time twins make an interesting astrological study, but genuine time twins with identical charts are hard to find. I’m sure they exist, but if they have no interest in astrology, they’ll never find each other. One group of skeptics claimed to have tested hundreds of time twins, but it was discovered they used “time twins” that were born months apart. So much for integrity.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Your Midheaven is your purpose of living, maybe a career? Or what your career should be.
    Astral Twin is someone born on the same day as you.


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