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what does medium mean in reference to psychics?

I am not looking for small,medium,large responses. I want to know what it means in relation to fortune telling , and psychics… like the show medium is called medium because?


  1. A medium is a person (can be a man or woman but about 80% are women)who is in touch with the spirit world.They may or not be psychic.A psychic is a person who has a 6th sense…they can see the future in small glimpses…maybe big ones, depending on how large or small the gift is.

  2. She is the communicator between the dead and the living. Short and sweet, a medium is a conductor, a mouthpiece so to speak.

  3. Unfortunately, it is related to “Small, Medium, Large” – – – Medium is the size that is between Small and Large.
    If you go to Dictionary. com, and look up medium, the first 9 definitions of the first result will give you an over-all definition, which is that a Medium (singular of the plural ‘Media’) is something that is between other things, or a way that things can go or communicate between parts/ places that are not in contact.
    The Medium of the Press is between the public at large and the important events that are happening in ways or places that the public at large does not have access to.
    A Spiritualist Medium is between Spirits and people who don’t automatically perceive or communicate with Spirits.

  4. Medium or “media” … a medium is the person who helps the dead communicate with the living. They are in the middle so to say.

  5. Hello
    Psychic – A person who has the ability to look into past lives, present live difficulties and possible futures of a person. They bring forward information so the person who is getting the reading can make their own choices about how to change or improve their lives.
    Medium – A person who is able to communicate with family, friends, relatives and other people who have physically died and who are residing in the spiritual worlds.
    Lots of Love


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