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What does meditation do for you physically and mentally?

i think meditation helps clears the mind, but that is all i know..


  1. well since I started doing it I’m able to go to sleep more easily at nighttime. I had stopped meditating for two days and those two nights I had a god-awful time trying to fall asleep and stay asleep. yesterday I meditated again and I able to fall asleep easily last night.

  2. It doesn’t only clear your mind it helps to calm your nerves and to lift up any annoying vibes that bother you daily. Music usually helps when meditating not none of the rock and roll type music, but something calm and slow moving.

  3. It does a lot it helps you relax and clear your mind which has many different effects on your health, all good ones too!

  4. It does wonders for the mind
    it can help clear your mind
    it gives you time to think about your problems and your life
    it makes you more alert
    there are numerous benefits those are the ones i can think of now
    as for physical not so much
    the chinese monks who first meditated found that when they did it too long their muscles turned into mush and they were physically weak
    so they then developed kung fu as a muscle strengthening exercise
    so meditation paired up with a physical exercise will work wonders

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