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What does meditation do for one, and can it relieve stress?

Lately I have been feeling very stressed and sad about some other issues at school. It just all seems overwhelming and very out of control for me to bear, and sometimes I just feel like just breaking down. I heard about meditation, but what exactly does it do, and would it help with some stress relieve? Please help, thanks.


  1. Health, diet, exercise, resolving problems, it’s all related and it’s all very important
    I suggest you check our the relaxation response. A Harvard doctor explains it all very scientifically and easy to understand.
    Your thoughts control your feelings so try to figure out how to master your reality. Realize work and school is set up to be stressful and fear-inducing on purpose, if you’re looking for peace, you’ve got to look within.

  2. alfred
    watch the video of moving meditation
    then sit cross legged or sit in a chair
    and give it a try and see if you feel less stress.
    maybe 15-25min.
    i do it at least 2x a day for 25mins or longer.
    if you like it
    go back and start reading the articles and you will understand how and why of this meditation.
    moving meditation will take the focus out of your head and into the movement.

  3. Meditation helps strengthen awareness. Â Meditation helps us to see that we are not the mind, not the emotions, not the body. Â Meditation brings a sense of calm. Â Meditation helps us to see that fulfilling the desires of the mind will not bring a lasting sense of contentment. Â
    One meditation technique good for stress and sadness is called gibberish. Make all kinds of sounds, as long as they are not a real language. Pretend you are talking in a language no one knows. Make loud sounds, soft sounds, angry sounds, sad sounds, just create any non-word sounds you like. Really get into it! And move your body around too.
    After five or ten minutes, stop, and sit silently for five minutes, becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, or sensations. Just watch. Do not try to change or fix anything. Do not try to stop the mind. Love yourself, and accept whatever happens from your heart.

  4. Meditation is a very good technique for reducing stress, anxiety, and worry. It provides a lot of advantages, too, such as: feelings of happiness, lowers blood pressure, eases pain associated with tension in the body, boosts self confidence, and helps you gain clarity and insight into your life. If you want to learn more about the benefits of meditation, take a look at the site I have referenced.


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